Riley my Goldendoodle - 4 yrs old 

Is having surgery Tuesday for removal of a suspicious cyst.  Vet tells me after the biopsy we will know if it is malignant.  Anyone have the same situation or advice on this subject??

He is such a wonderful pet and the joy of my family.  If anything is found bad we will all be devastated!!

Think good thoughts - Debbie

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  • Praying for Riley and your family, please keep us posted, doodle hugs!
  • Debbie, I don't have any advice (because I don't have my puppy yet) but I know how you must feel and you will all be in my prayers! sending positive thoughts your way!
  • Debbie, over the years all of my dogs have had surgery at one time or another for some kind of lump, bump, or cyst, and none of them ever turned out to be anything serious.

    Keeping fingers and paws crossed that it will be the same for Riley. Hugs to you both.

  • Sending you a long-distance hug, Debbie. If it's any help at all, like Karen my dogs have had various lumps and bumps removed over the years and not one has been malignant. Please keep us posted.
  • Where is the cyst? How long has your dood had it?  Is it the kind that gravitates toward the surface and bursts?  I only ask because my Springer has had three small cysts burst within the last two months.  They took quite a while to grow but all burst at sort of the same time.  They may or may not return, but if they do we will have them removed. You are probably smart to have it removed before it bursts.  We have had a couple of fatty tumors removed though and those surgeries were not a big deal for the dog. 

    I wish you and your doodle the best for both the surgery and the biopsy.

  • Debbie:

    We hope the cyst is benign, which most are.  If is not, please let us know what you are dealing with and maybe we can help with your questions.  Being there for Rusty in his 18 month battle with cancer, we have learned a lot and know some excellent resources.


    Chuck & Rusty

  • Yes, I think it is pretty common and my vet said it was very common with large dogs that are mixes with labradors.  My goldendoodle had a cyst on his rectal area and another on his shoulder.  The one on his shoulder was draining on its own, but the one on his rectal area had to be removed surgically.  Fatty tumors are very common.  You are doing the right thing in having it checked out - it will make you feel better.
  • I hope all turns out well.
  • I know this is a very scary time. Our Fudge had a growth in her ear and she had to have it surgically removed. It was benign. I will be thinking of you and your family on Tuesday and praying that everything turns out to be fine. I know it is hard, but try and stay positive!
  • We will keep Riley in our thoughts and prayers!  Doodle hugs from Rua!
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