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I have been trying to keep Lucy in the house where it is cool as much as possible due to the heat. 93 today here in Pa. She was fussing to go out and I made her stay in. WELL, I should of listened to her b/c she threw up twice. Not much, and just yellow phlegmy stuff. She is eating, drinking, eyes clear, same old self. She has never been sick though so this is something new for me to deal with. I am thinking it is just from the heat, What do you think.

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Could be the heat or something she ate. I'd just watch her for now. My dogs vomit every now and again and after a short while they're fine.
My dogs, especially my lab mix will throw up yellow phlegmy stuff (sure glad you spelled it first!!). Sometimes there might be a little grass in it. They seem fine so, if there are no symptoms I wouldn't worry too much.
Thanks, that is exactly what it was and had a piece of grass in it. She does seem fine though.
Gidget threw up yesterday for the first time since we've had her. Scared the heck out of me. We think it's because she had her shots. She's been fine since, thank goodness. Although, I didn't realize that dogs don't chew their food? Gidget's throw up was completely unchewed dog food, still in whole form!!! Ewww. lol.
I know Lucy loves to wear bandanas, you can soak them in cold water and put them around her neck when she is out for short periods, this will help to keep her cool outside. Do you have air conditioning in certain parts of the house? If she was going from hot to cold this could of upset her stomach. Hope Lucy is feeling better soon.
From my experience with Collies when I lived in England, our dogs would eat grass to make themselves throw-up, I think it's their way of sorting out an upset stomach. They were always fine afterwards.



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