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I am a new mommy to a mini-Goldendoodle whose name is Shadow Blanco. He's 6 weeks now and is being flown to me by a flight nanny on October 7. I am excited yet nervous and a bit overwhelmed as I am a first-time dog owner. His daddy, JC (my bf) currently lives in another state and will be a part-time parent as he's visiting often and will move in with us next year. I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I have a dog park in my building (everyone has dogs!) and 2 parks close by for us to play. I am shopping this week for all of Shadow's necessities. All suggestions are welcome. If anyone is in South Florida maybe we can have play dates soon? 


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  • PS. I hired a great trainer and he comes the next day for our first lesson.

  • Congratulations on your new/first pup.  Hoping you have an immediate vet appointment set up for him.  Please don't introduce him to any neighborhood pups until after he has seen the vet and up to date on all his immunizations.  Same for shared potty spots.  Pups are vulnerable.  Work closely with your trainer and make sure that you and your BF are reacting the very same way with commands and reactions.  Good luck, he is adorable.


  • Well, I just replied to your other discussion, lol, so I'm duplicating my answer here. (I have deleted the other discussion as it would be confusing to have two of them on the same topic, lol)

    Find out what food and treats the breeder is giving, and get that, whatever it is. Don't change the diet and don't introduce any new food or treats for at least two weeks after the pup comes home.

    Get a good supply of Nature's Miracle for neutralizing odors from accidents. I would never want to try housebreaking a puppy without it.

    Nylabone puppy teething toys are great. (Be sure they are not the edible kind.) 

    I find it very helpful to get two crates, one for your bedroom at night and one in the living area of the house.

    Leashes should be 6 ft. in length and do not get the retractible kind. 

    Bowls should be ceramic or stainless steel, not plastic. 

    A car harness is indispensible to me, but for walks, get a plain old collar, not a harness; they encourage pulling. 



  • For toys, my favorites are the Kong squeaky stuffed animals. 
    And you will want to pick up a brush. Get something inexpensive until you see what kind of coat your pup has, the coats can change a lot over the first year, and different coats require different kinds of brushes. Perhaps your breeder can advise you on what kind to get. 

    • Riley loved those as a puppy.  She quickly "outgrew" them but for a smaller dog they are quite durable, Luna had one for her entire life, but she was a lot more gentle with her mouth.  Riley is a master decapitator of stuffies now so she doesn't have any. She can rip the head off a stuffed toy in under 5 seconds, just steps on the body and yanks up on the head.  Many of my kids' toys have ended up in the toy "hospital" for repairs :p

      Another toy we really like around here (supervised play only) are the Hartz DuraPlay squeaky bones.

      They are VERY squeaky and they will squeak pretty much no matter where the dog puts their mouth on it.  They do lose their squeak if they get punctured but I think for a smaller dog they would probably last a long time.


      One of our other favorite "supervised play only" toys is an empty plastic bottle.  Either a big 2L bottle or a harder plastic one like a gatorade bottle.  Puppies love the "crinkle" of the plastic bottle.  You can even buy "sleeves" that are like a stuffed toy but that are meant to put a plastic bottle inside.  You do have to be careful to take it away from the puppy if they start to chew off little pieces of plastic or if the plastic gets sharp corners from chewing.  Before giving a pup a bottle to play with I always remove the plastic cap and the sealing ring so they can't chew those off and ingest them.


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