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My prego Golden is on day 70 with F1's!! Whats the latest you've had pups whelp? I'm nervous!

My golden retriever is on day 70 with F1 goldendoodles and hasn't delivered. She's huge and digging a lot, but still nothing. I've been breeding dogs for years and never had one go this long! She doesn't seem to be in distress or anything. The vet says she's fine, that they can go as late as day 72 but I've never heard that! Her breeding was Artificial Insemination and we count the first breeding as day 1. Any suggestions from other breeders?


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Hi Amelia,
Very few of us here are breeders, (less than one tenth of 1%)  and the DK guidelines prohibit this type of discussion here in the forum. 

"If you are a breeder, please keep breeding related discussions (finding studs, heat cycles, trouble with dam's pregnancy, trouble finding clients, etc) confined to the Breedersgroup."

It is also prohibited to use links to your website in the main forum. 
"Members agree to not use any of the following ways to advertise, promote, or  link to their website: Status Updates, Comments, Chat, Videos, Photos, Groups, Blogs, or Forum Discussions." 

There are lots of breeder groups online, where you would find people more equipped to answer your questions. 

The Breeders group is totally inactive, unfortunately for this poster.  But there are other breeder forums out there I believe.  

I just took that info directly from the DK Guidelines, so maybe you need to change that, lol. 

Thank you! Sorry for posting in the wrong place, and i"ll adjust my info so the website isn't showing. :) You guys are great!



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