Hi everyone, I did a search on hot spots and the forums all refer to the vet.

She was licking herself on her left shoulder, just under her ear. I checked it out and was horrified at what I saw, since we never had an issue before. She licked it raw and it was starting to bleed. We kept an eye on her and tried to stop the licking. It's been a few weeks now and it had scabbed over and it was almost gone. I was home today and noticed her fur was all wet in THE SAME SPOT!! The area is raw again!

My question is: Whether it's the vet's product or a store product how can I use anything that she won't lick? If she does lick ointment or powder is it going to harm her for ingesting it? Feel terrible for her, it looks sore. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

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  • I would use a vet product.  My dogs don't get hot spots but they do get occasional  'things.'  I keep a general purpose ointment and I also have a spray foam/mousse antibiotic medication that is awesome. The ointment is from the regular vet and the mousse is from the vet dermatologist.

    • Thanks Nancy, I'll ask dh to call the vet tomorrow morning and see what they suggest
  • Most likely, the vet isn't going to recommend a topical product; she's going to need oral medication, most likely steroids and maybe antibiotics. It should also probably be looked at since it may be infected. 

    • Exactly what I thought, but my husband called our vet and the animal ER to get answers, they both said the same thing, make her stop licking it (cone) and see if it starts to clear up, give it a few days and see otherwise bring her into the regular vet. It cleared up last time and now this is a bigger area, I'm at work this weekend so I will have to see what Monday brings. Thanks guys!
  • My dog had a hot spot on her tail over the summer. They gave oral medications and a powder to put on the spot. It was huge and kept getting infected. I ended up having to tape two cones together so she couldn't reach the spot and she had to wear them 24 hours a day for over a month. I though she would never leave it alone. The only thing that really helped was getting her to stop licking it. Sorry this is happening, I feel your pain. 

  • I wouldn't recommend using it on an open sore but I had success with using Calendula gel/cream on a scratch Maple had from itching over the summer. Seemed to help stop the itch and heal fast. Of course you'd have to keep her licking it off.

  • Spoke to her groomer today since she the first one when it was fresh, she said to try a Tshirt over it as well I think we will have to try that. I worry about get wearing the cone when her and Chloe are home alone.
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