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I saw this today and it made me laugh, so I thought I would share. :-)

Does anyone have any similar stories to tell? I'd love to hear about them! :-)

Here is one we did for Darwin at a charity event this May. We have many more we could do though. LOL

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Funny/sad. Gee, i am beginning to think i live with angels : )

Me too, F!

Gordie certainly matches the left shoes only entry.  We can add BRAND new Birks - one each of Mom's and Dad's. If I had had a camera when Gordie was a pup, I could have added couch destruction - he destroyed two couches and a chair, cushion by cushion.  He ate molding off walls and chewed/scratched Grandma's door beyond repair.  He was a naughty, naughty pup. It was a good thing he was so cute and we loved him so much

Ned's contributions to naughty dogs:

He he, I love both of these!

No funny stories yet...but give it time...after all Ellie is only 6 months old:)

Oh Ellie must be a gooooood girl!  6 months is plenty of time to eat couches and shoes and molding and doors and glasses and rugs and carpets and fish food and dig up all the plants and.......

Great Friday afternoon laugh!  thanks for sharing...

Hilarious!   Thanks for the laugh Camilla…..and I refuse to believe Darwin did what you've accused him of!!!   Darwin??!!!  Not dear, sweet Darwin!

Oh yes - and we had to take him to the vet in a panic that he would get an organ punctured. Nope, he was fine and his "punishment" was to eat rice and chicken for days because his tummy was upset. LOL

Our precious little Libby who is mellow, calm and laid back did this between the ages of six and ten months.  Look closely at the end of the arm chair on both sides!  Then we grew up and learned some manners and we bought some new furniture:)

He he, such a cute photo!

At least she was nice enough to make both sides match :)  LOL



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