I just gave Tucker a bath- I can't get hardly get the bruch or com through him. Is it a better Idea to wait until he is dry??  I gave him a good brushing / combing before the bath and used conditioner. Still the hair just tangles everywhere. This happens every time I give him a bath- should have went to the groomer but just wanted to freshen him up for the holidays.  Disgusted at this ponit

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  • Does anyone dilute cowboy magic to spray on? If so- does this work for you?
  • This is about Cowboy Magic Detangler and shine...can purchase at most pet stores and can be used either way....I would dry Tucker off and than try to get this product to help you....

    Knots and dreadlocks "no matter how difficult" instantly fall out with only a small amount of Cowboy Magic®'s Detangler and Shine. It starts working instantly, detangling as it's rubbed in and can be used on wet or dry hair. This deep conditioning product penetrates below the hair surface to restore moisture and the panthenol in Cowboy Magic leaves hair with a natural shine. Also protects against ultra violet sunlight. Works great for human use!
    • Thanks Denise. I think I was a little too ambitious trying to comb /brush while wet. I was afraid he would really knot up. I practically doused him in cowboy majic after nearly dry. He is not too bad, but this happens everytime I bathe him. Took me almost all day to get him done. No more of this- groomer next time.

      If there are any groomers on DK- please give us your tips on how you do this so well! Tucker looks like a snow ball when I bring him home from grooming!
      • Hi Pat,
        Doing Hannah and Honey on my own is a nightmare at times, because they both have such tight thick curly takes me all day with breaks and part of the next to finish up with Hannah. Honey is almost just as bad to do. I just went through my 2nd Andis dog clipper. Wound up scissor's cutting them which I am not thrilled about at all. I love to do them on my own, and it's spending some personal time with them individually. They both seem to mat up so easily. I would really like to know what kind of clippers they use in grooming shops, and what do they use to clean them, sharpen them...etc. They never seem to have a problem and they do all kinds of dogs..all day long?
        • There was recently a post about clippers- you may want to do a search- someone had recently purchased - I think it was Jane. She did a great job and posted the pics. I spent all day Saturday 2 weeks ago with the clippers, scissors and brushing- I'm just not good at it. Tucker won't sit the heck still or he lays down- its like a circus. My clippers are horrible- they wouldn't get through his hair. I need a new clipper too. There is at least one groomer on DK and a few others that are very good at it. I'm ready for the summer cut. Tucker is about 4 inches long,, very wavy with a woolly coat and thick, thick, thick. It is so hard to keep up with. I try my hardest because I love the long coat. I think I'll post in the grooming group in hopes of tracking down the groomers. Hannah and Honey always look nice!
  • Have you checked out the Grooming Group? They give some tips on bathing and combing out matts....
    • Thanks Allyson- I did. I was in a frenzie and needed a quick fix. / Pat
  • I have this spray called Perfect Pet - Clear Choice that I got from Petco. I spray it on her dry and comb through it.. it takes a couple of hours sometimes... Sometimes I use the whole bottle if she's really bad. OH! Good luck! My heart feels for you. Maybe you may need to find a very patient groomer. Check out the grooming group - maybe someone there can help via the internet.
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