Have a male chocolate Labradoodle F1B Standard. Curious about height from floor to top of head of similar doodles. Building an indoor crate. Any input greatly appreciated. Many Thanks :)

BTW... Breeder estimated he would be around 70 lbs.

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  • There really is no accurate way to answer this question ... every doodle is different.  Some are heavier and shorter and other are tall and thin.  Sorry.

  • My 70lb F1 LD is 26 inches at the withers. But it is hard to predict how tall they will actually end up!
  • I guess I should of said that I am not looking for an exact height. I know that the estimated height is around 24 inches. However, that is from floor to shoulder. I am looking for estimated height from top of head to floor to determine how tall I would like my indoor kennel to be. Also, I will be adding extra space in addition to the estimate I come up with. I guess a better question would of been the height of ones' head :)

  • I have a 70 lbs F2b Labradoodle. He topped out at 27" at the shoulder. Lucy and AnnaBelle's Mom has the right of it... Orwell's body is tall and skinny like a poodle. However, he has a brother that is the same height, but 90 lbs. 

    • So what do you think the total height (including head) or from shoulder to top of head? Just looking for somewhere to start and will be adding in the neighborhood of 8-10 inches for extra space in the build. Also the way I am designing it... I will be able to add height if needed.Just prefer not to. But if I end up with a mammoth doodle, I will. Lol. The door will be plenty wide enough no matter his width. 

  • Here is what I am going for in making the indoor kennel. Except it will be taller and as wide as I can make it to get through a standard doorway. Also will make it look shabby cottage look to match my house...


    Here is the indoor hutch me and my son made for our bunnies...


  • Hard to tell.  Is it possible to ask the breeder the height of the parents from floor to tip of head and then add a few inches.  It is nice if they are able to stand without conking their head on the roof of their kennel! LOL

    • Thanks. I did eMail him today if he had any idea about past litters height. He did give me an estimate of past litter adult male weight. I asked some friends and with the info I got from here... I figured I could take the top height and add 8-10 inches. And hope not to have to make modifications later. I definitely want him to be able to easily walk from one end to the other.

  • I am 5ft 7 in and when my doodle stands up he comes just about to my chin. When he is sitting he is 32 in to the top of his head. He can nose surf the kitchen counters which are 32 in high. He is only 11 months old and weighs 77.6 pounds and 27 1/2 in to the withers. I have an outdoor kennel that is 6ft high. When he stands up he is 1 1/2 feet from the top. I am told he could top out at 28/29 in to the withers. That would be taller and heavier than his dad. I would make it 36 in high. that should be enough to at least start. How old is you doodle and how much does he weigh? Is it a male or female and has the doodle been spayed or neutered. My doodle has not been neutered. An intact dog will get taller than a neutered or spayed dog. There are doodles that are 3 ft to the withers and 100 pounds. My doodle should top out at 85 to 95 pounds.

    This is just my opinion. good luck.

    • Intact male F1B Chocolate Labradoodle. He is 11 weeks now at 10 weeks he was 11 lbs. Just measured him and he is 11.5 inches to the withers. Looks like I will be building a nice size crate :)

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