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Need Height (Top of Head to Floor) Estimate for Male Chocolate Labradoodle F1B Standard!

Have a male chocolate Labradoodle F1B Standard. Curious about height from floor to top of head of similar doodles. Building an indoor crate. Any input greatly appreciated. Many Thanks :)

BTW... Breeder estimated he would be around 70 lbs.

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Just measured my 27" to the shoulder labradoodle.  He is about 33-34" to the top of his head if he's standing with his head up.  His crate (which he quit using at age 2) is an inch or two shorter than his tallest height.  It does NOT have to be way taller than the dog's head.  My 60lb labradoodle is 28" to the head and she fits in that aforementioned crate quite well--she's the one who uses it now.

Thanks so much for the info. Just needed some base numbers to start. I have a feeling he will be big. And if he is, I want him to have plenty of head room since we can build it. Thanks again :)



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