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Need help with all those who do Paws for Literacy/school children reading to dogs

Hi Everyone,

I haven't been able to post very much in awhile as I've been busy setting up my website for the Service dog and Trained Pet Programs plus I'm busy with training a volunteer who is helping me with the Service dogs. Also, Carole/Gaston Cramer was kind enough to think of me for Gaston Cramer's brother, Rocky, who is now in my Service dog program. What a beautiful Sweetie! He's going to do so well! Please keep your fingers and paws crossed and prayers for my step daughter who went into the hospital last week with pre eclampsia symptons. She is carrying twin girls, our first grandchildren. The twins are good but the doctors are worried about her health. She is responding well to the diet and bed rest and we are hoping the twins stay put for another 4 weeks!

Ok now for the help and advice concerning Paws for Literacy or any program having to do with reading to school children. I was contacted by my county's Assistant Director to help start a program for the school system. Since I've never done it and my time is very limited, I agreed to help gather useful info and pass it on. Can anyone direct me to website or just give me valuable advice on what to do and what not to do? A

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My prayers will be with your step daughter and precious grandbabies in the weeks ahead and with your Grandma to be! :)

Though I can't direct you with much help on the Paws for Literacy program I do want to remind you to call me if you need me to run to the airport for you this/next week. You obviously have a full plate and when it rains it pours. If I can be of any help don't hesitate to call. I'd be more than happy to puppy-sit, if needed, to buy you some time.

So pleased about Rocky....what a wonderful future he has under your guidance!

Wishing you the best with your stepdaughter and the twins. She is in he hospital where they can moniter everything and her good response is promising.
Here are some links to the websites of a couple programs involving reading to school children:
Leigh, I will be praying for your daughter and your first grandchildren.
On the Delta Society website there are some good articles discussing Reading to Rover. I found them under resources for children.

Here is one a link to one of the articles to get you started." target="_blank">
I don't know about Paws for Literacy, but I wanted to wish your step daughter and twins well. I also had a difficult pregnancy with my twin boys and had to have them delivered early (almost 33 weeks). They were fine- both were in NICU a couple of weeks but once they came home (other then keeping me SO busy :) they caught up pretty quickly. They are five now and you would never know that they were preemies! Hang in there- I hope and pray that your step daughter continues to do well. Twins are so much fun!



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