3700750831?profile=RESIZE_710xCan someone help me try to guess what coat type our new F1 Goldendoodle puppy might have. His mom is a standard Poodle and his dad is an English Golden Retriever. I just got this picture from the breeder, he is right at three weeks old. I know it may be kind of early to tell but any help is appreciated. Thank you. 

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  • 3700771535?profile=RESIZE_930xHere is another picture I just got from the breeder. 

  • It is a bit early to tell but I think I see the beginnings of furnishings between the eyes.  It will be a lot easier to see in a few weeks.

    • Thanks. Yes I know it's kind of early, we're really just trying to determine if he'll be a flat coat with no furnishings. 

      • I don't think so, his hair is already pretty long in between the eyes.  Our goldendoodle was flat coated and she didn't have that much hair on her face at 4 weeks old.  She was the one on the right with the dark ears.

        It'll be way easier to tell around 6-7 weeks, they grow so quickly at this stage.




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