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Two weeks ago I wole up to find my 9 1/2 year old mini golden doodle walking and banging into things. I rushed her to an emergency hospital. After being there all day they ran tests and told me Skylar had glucoma which developed into blindness. This was secondary because running more tests she was found to have lumphoma, which spread into her eyes. She began chemotherapy treatments and is doing a little better and regained her sight in one eye. She now has to have surgery to take out her right eye because it matasized badly in that eye. Vet bills are creeping to $15, 000. Any advice or support would be appreciated.

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  • I am so sorry. 

    We lost our Luna to lymphoma 3 years ago.  We had discovered it when we thought she just had a UTI, but in fact the UTI was caused by the excess calcium from all the tumors.  Her cancer had spread pretty rapidly and we chose to go the palliative care route so I don't have any advice re: surgery.  Prednisone shrunk the tumors and she felt great for about 2 months before the tumors came roaring back and we had to let her go.

    Big hugs and lots of love sent your way. 

  • You probably aren't going to like my advice, but you asked. I absolutely cannot stand an animal to be in pain. They don't understand all of the treatments only that they are scared and hurting. It doesn't sound to me like there really is any cure in the plan only treating immediate issues and maybe prolonging life for a short time. Id lovingly let your pup be euthanized. 

    • I am glad you posted this, Nancy. It gave me the courage to post what I have been thinking, too.

    • That is why we went the palliative care route with Luna.  We came to the conclusion that intensive treatments to extend her life such as chemo would be more for us than for her.  As soon as the prednisone stopped helping her feel better we let her go.  Mercifully it was a very abrupt transition and it was clear when it was "time".

  • Hi Mindy,
    I am so very sorry that you and Skylar are dealing with this dreadful disease.
    Lymphoma in dogs is always fatal, and it is very common in Golden Retrievers, which is why it's common in goldendoodles, too. 
    Over the past 10 years, I have seen so many of our members' doodles diagnosed with lymphoma, and I have watched all of them succumb to the disease regardless of what treatment is used. The dogs who received chemotherapy did not seem to live significantly longer than those who received palliative care, and I have to say that for many of them, the treatment caused more suffering than the disease itself.
    Making the decision to do chemo versus palliative care is a very personal thing for each of us. For me, it comes down to quality of life. Watching so many of my friends here and their beloved dogs going through this has helped me make the decision that if my own dog should ever be diagnosed with lymphoma or similar cancers, with no hope of a cure, I would choose not to put the dog through anything other than those treatments that would keep him or her comfortable and give a reasonable quality of life fror whatever time is left. I realize that others may feel differently. My advice would be to search your heart and ask yourself what Skylar would choose for herself if she could make an informed decision. Sometimes the kindest and most loving thing we can do for them is to let them go with peace, dignity, and love. 

  • As a mama of a beautiful 5 year old mini GoldenDoodle, I am broken hearted to hear of this for your sweet baby. Sending you love and strength as you move forward. ❤️

  • I am so very sorry to hear about Skylar. I just came back from my vet and I may be facing a somewhat similar situation in my 11 1/2 year old. As someone who has loved a good number of dogs and cats in my life, I am in the camp of palliative care, too. 

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