Toby's neuter surgery is coming next week...

Anything different I should know about compared to spay surgery?  We've never had a male dog.

I know that we'll need a plastic cone most likely (Riley just used one of those medical pet shirts), we'll get one from the vet.  We have an inflatable cone too for when he's being supervised that would be more comfortable.

Poor little guy, he's going to be a handful during recovery he's very active!  Riley only got a little trazadone the day she came home then after that we didn't use any.  Toby is a LOT more flighty and high-energy so I don't know, he may need a few days.

Riley will miss rough-housing with him for sure.  Since we got her pancreatitis under control she's been a lot more playful.


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  • I've found the recovery from neuter surgery to be much easier than spay surgery, as the procedure itself is so much less invasive. Behaviors like jumping doesn't seem to be anywhere near as big an issue, and pain meds don't seem to be needed as much. With Jack, I brought him home from the shelter 4 days after he was neutered, and he was pretty much healed and seemed to feel fine. Jasper took longer, as he was a much more active dog, and the surgical suit they sent him home in did not prevent his licking the surgical site right through the fabric, which delayed healing. But in both cases, I don't remember having to restrict activity nearly as much, and neither one of them needed pain meds past the first day. The main thing seems to be keeping them from getting at the incision. 
    Good luck, Toby!

    • Thanks!

      Oh yeah we have one of those medical pet shirts too from Riley, I don't know if it will fit Toby (though it might, Riley was only 7 months when she used it).  Worth a try though for when we are watching him.

      I figured it was not quite as bad as spay surgery since it's not a full-on abdominal surgery like a spay.  One of our neighbors' puppies was neutered a few months ago and he had the cone for three weeks!  I guess he got a bit too active or had an infection or something.

      Toby sounds like Jasper so I think we'll definitely bring him home with a cone, he tends to fuss over things (he even chews his own ears sometimes.. who does that?!).  

      • I bought a Zen cone for Jasper, and that worked well; he could also eat and sleep in it, and didn't bang into the walls, lol. Which was a good thing because he needed it for three weeks. That licking the sutures really delayed things! Little stinker! 

        • I put "zen cone" in to Amazon and this is what came up.  Haha.


          Jokes aside I put in "zen cone for dogs" and the actual cone came up :p

          Sadly it wouldn't be delivered in time (and I can't find any that would be) so he'll be stuck with the lampshade from the vet.

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        • Milo says "He stole my sloth!" (Sloth is missing because Milo has learned how to break seams now).  
          I also love the Zen cone, but the one Milo has (largest I think) isn't quite long enough for his noodle neck and long muzzle.  However, based on past surgeries, he doesn't bother his incisions much.  Who knows if the neuter will be different.  He's 17 months old and I put off his neuter again because we hit another rough patch (me) in training and I don't want to take another 1-2 weeks off along with holidays.  

          • Toby is very flexible and long too, I think if he tries to fuss over his stitches he will definitely need a substantial cone.  We'll see! 

  • Neutering is easier on the dog. We only used a cone when we weren't there to supervise which wasn't that often. The zen cone proportions didn't work for us for Charlie's hip replacement or Jinkxy's spay. We never used a cone on Ned. 

    • Yeah I'm thinking we can probably use the medical pet shirt or inflatable cone when we are "hanging out" but if we have to leave him alone in his crate or something to put the cone on him.  We'll see hopefully he will leave things alone.

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