It's finally here.  DK search that doesn't suck!  We just turned it over to Google.  They seem to know what they are doing.  ;-)

So, from now on, the search that at the top right of every page (in the orange bar)  is a Google Custom Search field.  All results there will be results Google gets from our site.

This SHOULD be more reliable and give you better results.  :-)

One big caveat.  Every other search field besides the one at the top right of each page, is still using our old search technology.  These search boxes have often been better for searching within a specific group.  So we are keeping them.  But sometimes those are/will be flaky.  Let us know if they are so we can attempt to get them working better... but be forewarned, they have been temperamental from the get-go and we might not be able to improve the results of those searches.

So to recap:

  • Search field at the top right of every page = Google = good search results
  • Search fields within groups/discussions/etc = NOT Google = variable results.

Give it a try and let me know what you think.

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  • That is great news. Thanks, Clark.

    • Now you will just have to share all your Boolean search wizardry with everyone else.  :-) 

  • My first impression is that using the Google search is way better and May end up all I'll do.

  • just tried it!  it's so much easier :)

  • Thanks!
  • Thanks so much! Getting much better searches than before>   I still  can't locate some posts I read earlier this year...Probably not remembering the right key words/ So we should use the white  box in the orange bar to get the google search?


    • If you know when the posts were written even approximately, you can order the search chronologically.
  • Thank you so much Clark!

  • Thanks, Clark. 

  • Thanks Clark!

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