We recently added Oliver, an F1 mini goldendoodle to our family. He is 12 weeks old now and I can't tell if has some furninshings, or just a fluffier open face. Would love to hear any predictions on his coat or furnishings! I've included a few pictures as well. I  think his adult coat is coming in more wavy than his outer puppy coat looks right now.5341066875?profile=RESIZE_710x5341074898?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • Looks like he'll have a fluffy fur bear look as

    he gets older. Very cute!

  • No such thing as a fluffy open face ;-)  He's furnished!  Also of note is that his paw fur is fairly long...see how it forms little Dr. Seuss points?  That is not there in a baby retriever.  Very cute!

    • Thanks for your help!

  • He will look just like you expect a doodle to look like and that is adorable.

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