Hi All, first time Goldendoodle owner here. We recently got a puppy and were told that he's a mini F2 Goldendoodle. Does he look like a Goldendoodle to you? Or is he more of a poodle or other type of doodle? Here are some of his pics from 8-week to now (12-week old). When he was younger, he seemed to have more furnishings, but as he grows, his furnishings don't seem to grow as much. His coat appears to be thin and not as thick and dense as other goldendoodles. His hair, especially on his forehead, looks curly, yet he sheds a lot. Based on what you see from his photos, what would you predict his coat type to be? He's a very energetic and adorable puppy. We are excited to see how this boy is going to look like when he grows up. Appreciate any feedback you can provide.








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  • Looks like a goldendoodle to me, and a very curly one!

    I predict a very fluffy but scruffy look - kind of like a poodle on a "bad hair" day but in the most adorable way :)

    He's certainly very cute, enjoy him!

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