3905056843?profile=RESIZE_710xHi guys, I am very new to the doodle family and I just visited the puppies for the very first time. This is f1 English cream doodle Levy and he is 5 weeks old we really want a shaggy/loose curls coat but I'm not sure how to tell and was wondering if some of you experts can help. Thank y'all in advance have a blessed day. 

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  • I don't know about "loose curls", I think it's near impossible to predict that at 5 weeks, but this puppy is definitely going to have the shaggy look. I can see his furnishings already. He will definitely be doodle-y looking. 

    • Thank you Karen I should have said loose waves lol I know it's so hard to tell right now.  We got first pick and my family and I are just so exited! I'm so glad I found this community as a new puppy mom I find it very resourceful. 

      • Waves, curls, in any case, nobody can predict what kind of coat any given doodle puppy is going to have until the pup is several months old. And those things are strictly cosmetic...despite what you may read on various "doodle" sites and breeder sites, doodles with any kind of coat can still shed. So it's strictly a matter of preference. The curlier coats are more likely to matt, and to require more frequent brushing, but regardless of coat, unless your doodle has a completely straight flat coat that sheds heavily, you are going to have a lot of grooming maintenance anyway. The loose waves type of coat is ideal, but it can still shed and it can still matt. So choose your pup based on temperament. But this one looks like a winner to me in the coat department, as much as it's possible to tell at such a young age. :)

        • I agree with what Karen said. Choose temperament first. Lovely color so far. Looks like it will look like one expects a doodle to look like. 
          How exciting for you. Enjoy your puppy. 

          • Thank you! He is such a sweet guy can wait for him to develop his personality! 

        • I didn't really want a straight coat that's why I was just go eager to ask but at the end of the day we are happy with our pick and waiting to be surprised lol I see so many doodles that have changed so much with in the years! Y'all are so help ful can't wait to have him home they just told me he is ready to come home this coming Friday not even ready! Yikes 

          • No no no. He cannot come home at 6 weeks old. That's not even legal in half the states in this country, and it's very very very bad for both the puppy and for your family. 

  • I agree with all Karen has said. This pup is adorable though.

    • Thank you I'm just so exited he will be joining us at just 6 weeks 🥰

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