Hi everyone! I just adopted my first goldendoodle Rosie, and I go pick her up this weekend! She is a F1b mini (should get about 30-35 pounds)-her mom is a poodle and her dad is a goldendoodle that looks like a golden retriever. I’m wondering if anyone has had a puppy with a similar coat. I can’t figure out if she has an open face or if she’s a late bloomer for furnishings.  Her hair is cracking me up right now! I’ve attached pictures of her at 8 weeks. 




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  • I would say open face maybe but she may be fluffy in other places (body/head looks like it).  She is a cutie, love her coloring :)

    • Thank you!! :)

  • She is absolutely adorable!!! Congrats!

    I am far from an expert, but I think she may develop a more doodly face over time. Something about her muzzle.  My dog is also an F1B mini, but an open face. I’ll attach a picture, but she has totally short hair, flat, on her face...like a retriever.  

    Regardless of how she turns out, she is just beautiful!  Did you pick her up yet???

    Best of luck,
    Christine & Miss Nala

    • Thank you! Yes I just picked her up yesterday! She’s the sweetest thing, definitely going to be a handful  :) 

      • She is so precious!  I love the way she is holding her head in the second picture!  My Nala does that when I talk to her a certain way.

        I am still going with a doodly face, but straight, not curly.  Lol. Time will tell.

        Nala changed as she grew, so she actually was more curly on her face as a baby, but turned out to be my little retriever.  

        Enjoy her!


        • Oh wow that’s crazy she was curly on her face as a baby! She’s such a cutie, and I love her name! 

  • Is her face hair super short or is it just laying FLAT?

    • I think it might be a bit longer than a true flat coat's would be, but nothing poking out into her eye area which has me confused haha.  Maybe she will get that perpetually scraggly look some doodles have ;)

      • I'm very curious too!


        Here’s pictures from last night/today :)




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