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Hi everyone! It’s great to be in the group! Our family is bringing our new goldendoodle girl home on June 10, 2019! We’ve named her Willow and can’t wait to welcome her into our family. I have a few questions. The first one being about training. We’ve decided to start her right away in basic commands training: Sit, stay, down, place, kennel, etc. The trainer we selected does private lessons and the puppy package includes 4 1.5 hour sessions. They said we won’t move past a lesson until our puppy has mastered it. It sounds really great and their reviews are incredible. Can I get some feedback on starting her at 9 weeks? Is this reasonable? Should we let her settle in a bit more first? We want to lay ground rules from day 1 but we’re also completely new to this! The training package is also a bit pricey at $450. But for private lessons, that actually seems like it might be pretty reasonable. We want to include our boys  in the training who are 4 and 8. Though we won’t be allowing our youngest to handle her on the leash alone. We’re all on board with reinforcing the teaching.

My second question is about her coat. I’ve definitely reviewed other posts here and I understand it can be difficult to predict. But I’m curious what she will grow to look like, of course! She’s 6 weeks right now and about 2.5 lbs. So teeny! I can’t wait to snuggle her.

Mama is a small reddish golden retriever (35 lbs) and daddy is a medium sized white poodle (39 lbs) and also a service dog. Both parents have amazing sweet, gentle personalities. Mama is also energetic and very athletic which I think has a lot to do with her small size. Side note: apparently the daddy is considered an unusual poodle in that he’s missing one of the furnishing coat genes.   I’ve been told by a few poodle experts that it’s rare but does happen. Honestly  it isn’t a huge deal to us at all! My husband prefers a less bearded dog anyway. If that makes sense! But it leaves me curious about how her coat will turn out.

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She is VERY cute.  I think she will have facial furnishings.  This is just me, but I I think 9 weeks is too young to start formal training.  That doesn't mean you aren't training her yourselves in basics.  My thought would be to have the trainer come once to get you started on what to do, then not come back until she is several months old (unless you've never had a dog at all).  I think others with younger dogs might be able to chime in here with better suggestions.

Willow is so cute. I like her name as well.

Willow looks like a Sweetheart!!!!

I think that I agree that she will be a little young.  I would focus more on socialization and just basics like sit.  The best socialization opportunities are the first 4 months.  You can't really walk her anywhere before she has all of her shots, so that part of the training can only occur in your yard and it is completely different when she is out in public.  You can just teach her to sit by putting a yummy treat at her nose and then take it up and over her head and tell her "sit".  She will automatically sit as her head goes up and back for the treat.  After she has had her first 2 sets of shots you can probably find a puppy class in your area that would be good for her.  Then, after she has all her shots at 4 months or so you can start the more formalized training with a private trainer.  It is good for them to be around other dogs as well.  I personally like group training out in public simply because there are a lot more distractions.  What a puppy will do in the calm quiet of your home, will be a whole different story when she is in a place like Petsmart with all the distractions.  I agree though that you could ask the private training to maybe come for a new puppy one on one to give you guidance to get you started.   I personally wouldn't spend the extra money for an in-home, private trainer unless I had specific issues that I needed to address.  All just my opinion.  Now, let's talk about cuteness ... she is adorable.  I think she is going to be very doodle looking.  Always hard to tell though as their coats can change.  I think she will change a lot in just the next 2 weeks.

I agree that group classes are best for almost all dogs.  You practice in the quiet of your home, then take them in public - like in a group class for the lesson and for added distractions.  You should be doing most of the work, not the trainer and that is what will happen with a group.  The trainer will demonstrate with one of the dogs in the class, then each owner will be practicing at the same time with the trainer overseeing.  Then,,,, you go home and practice that skill for the week.  You won't be able to meet with your trainer at a park until the pup has had all the shots, so.....

Your response is rude and uncalled for. The people who responded did so out of kindness; you asked a question, they responded with their opinions and advice. Nobody here has any reason to do anything other than give you their best advice from their own experience out of kindness and an attempt to be helpful.

YOU are "absurd". Did you expect to get advice from veterinarians and trainers here? You knew you were just asking other dog owners, and dog owners who are much much much more experienced than you are, I might add. Why bother asking if you're going to turn around, be rude, and call names when you don't like the advice?
FYI: there is no such thing as a purebred Poodle who is "missing one of the furnishing coat genes". And that is coming from real Poodle experts. And BTW, anyone who knows anything about dogs doesn't need a trainer to show them how to teach a puppy to sit, down, kennel, etc. Clearly you know nothing about Poodles, training, dogs, or choosing breeders.

We can't remove you from the group, you can do that yourself. Please do. 

And good luck, you'll need it.

Nobody here has been rude or snarky except you. 

Have you removed yourself from the site yet, or do you need a trainer to help you with that too? 

How's that for snarky? 

LOL...I am just seeing this discussion.  Geez I missed all of it...she must have been a real treat...hope her puppy doesn't suffer at her hands.

Yes, it was very interesting.  I couldn't figure out why she was so snippy.  This a wonderful forum.  I enjoy receiving different opinions and information  here.   She will soon  learn even the "experts" can be wrong.  I wish her luck with her new puppy.

Personally the advise I've received in this forum agrees with both my vet and the breeder. My daughter is a first time pet owner and she has taught her puppy to sit without a professional dog trainer.  Basic training can be accomplished without a professional trainer.

In my region my vet and my daughter's vet says to keep puppies away from areas such as parks , dog parks and pet stores until her puppy completes her shots.  

One great think about forums like this one is you get a variety of opinions and views.  We should respect our differences and each other.  This is  a great forum to learn and gain knowledge .

I have a co worker who is using a professional dog trainer because her dog is an adult with behavior issues. He doesn't get along with other dogs and it seems he was abused before she adopted him.

Sadly, the OP has left the site and won't get the benefit of your good advice & common sense, Rosalyn. Clearly she wasn't really interested in anyone's opinions other than her own.   



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