New Goldendoodle Puppy!

Hi All!

Our names are Molly and Chris, and we are soon to be new owners of a Goldendoodle puppy!

We are heading to the breeder to select our new puppy this evening and are looking for some feedback on what kind of coat they possibly may have.

The attached photos were taken last week (just around 5 weeks old)!

We are looking for more of a curly coat, but will obviously love our new family member regardless of coat style. I know it is tough to judge, but does anyone have any input?

Any information is greatly appreciated and we look forward to being apart of this forum!

-Molly and Chris7876069475?profile=RESIZE_710x


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  • They are both very curly puppies, Green may be slightly curlier, but not enough to make much difference in the adult coat. 
    With coats this similar, I would choose by temperament. 

  • They are both going to be quite curly.

  • Thank you both so much for your input!

  • Agree with the above.  Does your breeder do temperament testing or advise based on that?  Most breeders get a professional to come and evaluate the litter around 7 weeks to give some unbiased third party feedback on their temperaments, social attraction, response to something startling, interest in working together, etc...etc...  Usually the breeder takes that into consideration along with what she has noticed about the puppies as s/he picks out who gets which puppies or at least is able to give suggestions on which puppy might be a better fit.


  • Agreed both look curly - and from the size of their paws look like they will be pretty large pups, too.  Ask if the 1st litter - if other litters that could (not always) give an indication of what to expect.  With our litter all black/tan pups - and only 1 completely tan.  The next litter was EXACTLY the same if you can believe that! Have fun & congrats on your new addition!!! 

  • Green looks like he will have more of a golden head.  It's wider at the brow.  Pink looks have a narrow head like the poodle.  Both cute.  Pink has a nice little white marking on her chest.

  • Thanks to all for the guidance/suggestions. 

    We met with the breeder and discussed everything and have decided to go with pink! Name to come soon!

    Here's an updated photo of our girl we took during our visit7897862256?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • She's precious. Congrats on your decision. Looking forward to finding out her name- a most fun decision. 

      • We decided to go with Piper! Just about three more weeks until she is home!

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