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  •  Hi Laura, welcome to DK. 
    You sure have your hands full with two pups only 4.5 weeks apart. Are they both from the same breeder? If you don;t mind my asking, what made you decide to get the 2nd one so soon after the first? 

    • Hi there. My husband and I wanted doodles for many years now. We were on a waiting list when the first one became available.... then a few weeks latter we decided since we are both retired now we may as well go ahead and get the second one. We knew we were going to have to at some point anyway. Yes it's alot of work, but so is one puppy. They are from  different breeders. We work with them both to make sure they bond with us and not just each other. We have both had quite a few dogs over the years and have a pretty good grasp on handling two.

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