• She already has a ton of furnishings, lol. 

    • She does??!!!! I am new to the breed so not sure what to look for?!! Others I see have the fluffy cheysantheum look and she does not seem to have that so I was confused.:)

      • She does have it for sure - those fluffy bits between her eyes that stick out into her field of vision - that's the "chrysanthemum".  

        Here's my previous goldendoodle Luna at 8 weeks old for comparison, you can see she didn't have any of that "fluff" in the nose/eye area.  She ended up being flat-coated with a coat almost identical to a Golden.


        and our bernedoodle Riley who is very fluffy with furnishings and a wavy double coat.  I predict your pup will have a very curly coat, as you can see Riley's was mostly straight as a pup and she has waves now.




        • They are beautiful!!!

      • All that long fur around her muzzle, on the chin, between her eyes, and over her eyes, that's the "chrysanthemum", lol. Hers has bloomed already. In fact, it could use a trim! 

        • Thanks all!  Sometimes I see  more poodle, so just curious!!

          • Poodles most definitely have furnishings and the chrysanthemum as pups.. that's where doodles get it from :)

          • Wow.
            The Poodle is where the doodles get the furnishings. Retrievers don't have them at all.
            My purebred Poodle:

            • He/she is beautiful!  Thanks for the information.  Like I said, I am new to the breed and there seems to be so Many different doodle “looks”.  I am just trying to imagine what she’ll look like as she gets older-will the facial hair grow or stay close to face?    will she look more like a poodle or a golden?  We LOVE her!,

          • Maybe you're picturing poodles in their show coats with shaved faces.  Poodles don't naturally have smooth faces, there faces are on big poof without grooming.

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