• What a name - that is hilarous!  You are going to have a cute wavy doodle!  Her color may lighten up a bit.

    • Thank you!  Regardless, she has captured our hearts and is soooo smart and good!

    • I also LOVED the name!  And the show!

  • GREAT name!  She is adorable and will look very doodley.  She might end up on the curly side. She is adorable. My Ned at about 9 weeks and as a young adult.3830635902?profile=RESIZE_710x3366995491?profile=RESIZE_710x

    • Adorable!  Thanks for sharing pics of this cutie!!

  • She is absolutely adorable! Miss Maizel is about as doodley as a puppy can be.

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      Some days/ pics  she appears to not have furnishings- which is why I am wondering.  Will they grow grow out/thicken?


      • Her entire coat will get longer and thicker. But the furnishings are clearly there, and they are very long. 

        • Thanks!  The friend who is also a groomer saw her and said she would be open faced/incomplete coat so I was confused??

          • I really have no idea where they would have gotten that from.  It's pretty clear your pup is very curly and has lots of furnishings.

            Here's a pic of our Riley when she first came home and now, she had even less furnishings than Maisel and she is extremely fluffy now.  I think Maisel's coat will be significantly curlier than Riley's.  Riley's hair is very thick and long but it's just wavy and not curly like a poodle.




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