New member F1 mini goldendoodle

Hello! New member here! We just got our first F1 mini goldendoodle.  hes 11 weeks now. I'm not too sure how his coat will turn out. He has more of the Retriever face. 


Meet Teddy ( this was his given name by the breeder and we decided to keep it) 



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  • Teddy looks to have a nice thick wavy coat that is going to get thicker, fluffier, and wavier as he matures. It also appears that he has furnishings and should have a nice shaggy, "doodle-y" look as an adult. 

    • thanks for your reply! His coat is very thick! I never realized how many different coats goldendoodles can get! 

      • Yup, mixed breeds = lots of different outcomes :-) 

  • Welcome Teddy and Deanna. He looks like he has a very sweet disposition. 

    • hes so lovable.  minus the puppy biting stage!  haha

  • He has that upside down v that is a good iindicator for a beard. The slightly kinky wave in his face/forehead leads me to believe that his final coat will be just that, a slightly kinky wave at about a year, his body hair will go through a number of changes in this year. I was taught to look at the face/forehead as the final coat indicator. 9929732893?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • thanks for your response! I feel like he's changing so much already but still not noticing many furnishings on his snout area yet.

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