• Here is her 10 week old pic I took yesterday 5106254688?profile=RESIZE_930x


  • She's a very pretty dog with a very sweet face, but she does have a flat coat and an open face. Her coat will get thicker and may get wavier;  she's probably not going to look doodle-y and I can pretty much guarantee she is going to shed. 

  • Hi!

    I am the proud owner of an open face f1b golden doodle...wouldn't have it any other way :)

    Our dog Nala changed quite a bit as far as her coat as she grew out of puppyhood. She does shed, but not all the time.  She sheds seasonally and not that bad.  Feel free to look at her pics on my page.  If you scroll back you can see some puppy pics.

    Here is a recent one of our girl.  What's your pups name?
    Best of luck!  Your pup is adorable!

    • Ours girl is named Brady, your baby is adorable!!! I'm gonna look at her puppy pics 

  • Your pup is adorable!

    Our first doodle, Luna, was an open-faced mini goldendoodle.  We were a bit disappointed at first because we didn't even know it was possible she wouldn't "doodle out", but honestly we loved it.  Less grooming, no messy beard and we could always see her expressive eyes.  She did shed quite a lot, especially in Spring/Fall, but because her hairs were fairly short it wasn't that bad.  Our current doodle (Riley, a standard bernedoodle) sheds about the same as Luna BUT she is twice the size and her hair is much longer and black so it's a bit more obvious.  

    I'm on my tablet so I don't have access to a lot of Luna pictures but there are some on my page :) 

    Here's one of Luna as an adult about a month before she passed away (she had cancer).



    • What a beautiful girl she was, I'm ok with Brady being open face and not getting real doodly. 

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    • This is our Gypsy Faith! She is an open face also. She just turned 14 weeks old. 

      • She is precious!

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