Hey friends! My name is Sarah and I am a new parent to an F1 Standard Goldendoodle named Rudy! We live in Virginia Beach, VA. My boyfriend and I picked Rudy up at 8 weeks from a tiny breeder in Farmville, VA (editted by administrator) and he is now 5 months old. He has a light blonde coat with dark facial features. He loves the beach, swimming, and hikes in the state park that we live on. 


I came across this site while looking for grooming tips for Goldendoodles with more straigt/wavy hair and found myself explorning the whole site. I thought I would join to stay connected to other Goldendoodle owners who share the same obsession that I do with my dog, lol! One question I have is how to trim him face and coat in a suble way? I will probabaly never shave him but I know I want to do some "light landscaping" around his face, paws, etc.

Thank you in advance! Nice to meet everyone! :) 

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    • Thank you so much for the information, I will definitely be taking some of your advice! Jack was absolutely adorable! 

  • I have this obsession with trimming my dogs...even my shedders.  I love that fresh cut softness.  But others are right, yours won't necessarily need an all over trim.  He will need a sanitary trim, cleaning of ears, tidying up the hair between eyes and perhaps trimming the hair underneath his paws/between toes.  

    This is my late Rosco before and after a trim.  Shaggy first, and soft and velvety body after.  

    • I always used clippers on the body, but with a comb or blade that allowed me to only clip down to 3/4" length of hair.  And then around the face/head I used scissors and a combo of clippers and scissors for ears.  

      • Hi Adina, thanks so much for the great information! I agree with you. I like the softer hair but will it come back curlier and poodled out? I am torn! haha

        • Your dog's hair texture will not change if you cut his hair... at this age it might appear that way but that's only because he is slowly going to be switching over to his adult coat.  

          Think about it if you have long hair and you cut your own hair short and it grows out... will it magically be a different texture?  No, it will just grow back the same as it was before.  :)

          There are certain double-coated breeds (like huskies) where you are absolutely not supposed to shave them (unless they are matted to the skin and you have to).  That will ruin their coat and it won't grow back the same... but from what I understand doodles and other curly/long-coated breeds are not included in that "do not shave" list.

        • As J said, cutting the hair does not change the texture of it. And your pup does not and will never have a curly, "poodle-y" coat, regardless of whether you cut it or not.  

        • His hair will always be whatever his genetics says it will.  You can't cut it and change it.  It looks and feels different when it is short vs. long, but the hair is the same.  Just like your hair would feel different if it is long vs. if you cut it down to 1" lenth.  Same hair, doesn't magically get curly or straight if it isn't already curly or straight.  If cutting hair turned it curly then ALL dogs would become curly if trimmed and that's not the case.

    • I find that just a good thorough brushing will give that softer feeling to the coat. I don't think you need to cut it to make it feel softer. 

  • FYI this is what a clip with a 1" guard comb looks like (hand scissored feet and face/head/tail).  Riley had her "spa day" with me today much to her dismay :p  

    I got some new curved shears and they make doing nice round paws so much easier!


    • OK! She looks so beautiful! 

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