Hey friends! My name is Sarah and I am a new parent to an F1 Standard Goldendoodle named Rudy! We live in Virginia Beach, VA. My boyfriend and I picked Rudy up at 8 weeks from a tiny breeder in Farmville, VA (editted by administrator) and he is now 5 months old. He has a light blonde coat with dark facial features. He loves the beach, swimming, and hikes in the state park that we live on. 


I came across this site while looking for grooming tips for Goldendoodles with more straigt/wavy hair and found myself explorning the whole site. I thought I would join to stay connected to other Goldendoodle owners who share the same obsession that I do with my dog, lol! One question I have is how to trim him face and coat in a suble way? I will probabaly never shave him but I know I want to do some "light landscaping" around his face, paws, etc.

Thank you in advance! Nice to meet everyone! :) 

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  • Rudy is just adorable. I think his coat will stay relatively straight. There is a wealth of knowledge in past discussions in the grooming group. 

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