Hey friends! My name is Sarah and I am a new parent to an F1 Standard Goldendoodle named Rudy! We live in Virginia Beach, VA. My boyfriend and I picked Rudy up at 8 weeks from a tiny breeder in Farmville, VA (editted by administrator) and he is now 5 months old. He has a light blonde coat with dark facial features. He loves the beach, swimming, and hikes in the state park that we live on. 


I came across this site while looking for grooming tips for Goldendoodles with more straigt/wavy hair and found myself explorning the whole site. I thought I would join to stay connected to other Goldendoodle owners who share the same obsession that I do with my dog, lol! One question I have is how to trim him face and coat in a suble way? I will probabaly never shave him but I know I want to do some "light landscaping" around his face, paws, etc.

Thank you in advance! Nice to meet everyone! :) 

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  • Hi Sarah!  Welcome to you and Rudy.

    I do all my own dog grooming so hopefully I can be of some help!

    Rudy looks like he has a fairly straight coat similar to my bernedoodle Riley.  Hers is a bit curlier but it was quite straight as a puppy.

    We like to keep her looking "natural" and don't shave her (except in between paw pads and sanitary area).

    I use a clipper with a 1" guide comb on her body and scissor cut her face/head since I like to keep it a bit longer.

    We find that's a good length for her, still looks pretty shaggy but is fairly low maintenance.  For a while when she was a puppy I was scissor cutting her body too but as she got bigger it was just way too time-consuming to keep her that long.

    Here she was as a puppy with long hair (I think it was about 4-6" long at that point):


    Now as an adult with her shorter coat.    You can sort of see with this closeup where I trim her face.  Right between the eyes and about 1/2" down her actual muzzle (where the white stripe is).  I also trim her "brows" a bit so she can see.




    • Hi! Thank you for the warm welcome adn useful information! Your baby looks similar to Rudy with the shaggy hair your right! I do want it to stay softer and less wiry so do you suggest trimming the wiry hair on his coat a few inches to reveal the softer hair? 

      • Rudy may or may not have a double coat as an adult, F1s often do though, Goldens (and Bernese) have a dense undercoat.  It's hard to say how soft his coat will be as an adult, our first doodle Luna (a flat-coated F1 goldendoodle) had a VERY soft coat as an adult, it was very much like a Golden's.  

        I will say that with Riley her coat definitely feels softer when it's shorter because you are feeling the undercoat AND the top coat at the same time as opposed to just feeling her top coat (which is quite wiry on her body). 

        With our 6 month old puppy Toby I trimmed him to 1/2" long recently and he feels much coarser because his adult hair is starting to grow in and it's very poodle-like and "crunchy".  I am about 95% sure he is single-coated so with him keeping it short won't make much difference to the softness.


  • Rudy is adorable. 
    He is not going to need much in the way of trimming or haircuts, and definitely will never need shaving. His straighter coat is almost guaranteed to shed, and dogs who shed their coats are a breeze to groom. Their coats only ever get so long and then fall out, lol.  Think Golden Retriever, with a little more wave. All he'll need is a little bit of scissor trim above and between his eyes,  around his muzzle & beard, his privates, and his feet. My late great labradoodle Jack had a similar coat and he was basically a "wash n wear" dog. I think Rudy will be too. 

    • How long was Jack's hair on his body?  4-6"? 

      I always loved Jack's look with his long, luscious locks of blonde hair. :)  

      Riley's undercoat is just way too thick to keep it that long, it sheds out and then gets caught in her top coat.  It was ok when she was a puppy but her adult hair is more wiry and curly and traps the soft undercoat really easily.

      • I never measured it, but I'd say 4-6" sounds about right. He had a thin, silky kind of coat that never matted; it did tangle, though. 
        It's just about impossible to keep a wiry, curly coat that long, unless you're a professional groomer lol. I think it's no coincidence that so many people who own show Poodles are groomers. 

        • So if i trim up the wiry hair a couple inches, it will reveal softer hair underneath? Im confused, Lol! 

          • I don't think your pup has wirey hair; whether he gets some later on after his coat change remains to be seen. All doodles have different coats, even in the same litter.
            At this point, there is no reason to trim your dog's coat at all, other than the few areas mentioned by me and others.

          • Goldens have very soft, non-wiry hair and the wiry texture comes from the poodle side.  I imagine since your pup has straighter and less poodle-like hair it may not be wiry at all.

            For the record I didn't trim Riley's hair until she was about 6 months old... and even then I didn't take much off, I kept it about 4-6" long until she was about a year old and her adult coat became too unruly to manage at that length.

          • It's not really that it's softer underneath, it is just that when it's not scruffy, and is instead short, the texture feels like crushed velvet (at least my dogs seem this way...even my poodle).

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