Hello!  As you know by now, Zoey came home to us last Saturday and we couldn't be happier.  She is so much fun!  She has slept through every night in her crate in our bedroom, and is doing great being crated in the "dog room" (our family room) at times during the day. 

I have noticed (especially after reading many "potty training posts"), that our Zoey doesn't seem to need to potty (pee or poop) very often.  She does go several times a day, and the poop looks fine, not too soft and not too hard, and we've been lucky for the most part, as she will go outside.  (We've had a few 'Momma not paying attention' accidents....)  But she never seems stressed and there isn't really the urgency with her while in her crate to have to go potty.  And she doesn't go pee or poop every time we take her out., even though we stay out with her quite a while.  She just lays down in the grass and looks at me.  So I keep walking, so she has to, as well and there is not a lot of interest sometimes.  She is eating pretty well, but gets distracted easily......And she seems to be drinking a good amount of water, in between digging in the water bowl!!!!!

It seems like she has a bladder the size of Texas!!!!!

I just wanted to see if anyone else had this odd behavior with their 8 week old puppy!!  We have her first Vet visit coming up on Saturday morning, and I will definitely check with her.

Thanks for taking time to read and thank you in advance for any thoughts!

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  • I have a one year old Miniature Poodle who is like this. He slept through the night from day 1 (although he was 10 weeks old when he came home) and to this day has never woken me to go outside at night or had an accident during the night. He has had the run of my bedroom since he was about 4 and a half months old. Easy to housebreak and very few accidents in the early days too. I know you hear all this stuff about how their bladders are so small and they can't hold it more than X minutes for every week of age, etc. but none of that applied with my pup. He can easily go 14 hours or more without needing to go out, and when we are outside I practically have to beg him to go, lol.  And he's been that way since he was about 6 months old.  Bladder of steel here, too! 

    • Luna was like this too...and she never marked on walks either.  I think as an adult she peed maybe 4 times a day.  There was a LOT of pee each time but it was infrequent.

      Riley however pees more frequently but she also downs a whole bowl of water at a time so that probably has something to do with it.  Luna mostly just drank after meal times and if she got hot from playing.

    • I'm glad to know there is someone else out there!  I'm not complaining, I just thought something might be wrong with her!  I love the fact that she sleeps all night, and even lets my wife sleep in some in the mornings!  And our world is not totally consumed with potty breaks, but we are always (mostly) on alert!  Thanks for the encouragement!

  • My Ned, has a cast iron bladder, even as a puppy.  He didn't not always pee or poop when we took him out.  He just didn't need to although when he didn't we kept taking him every 15 -30 minutes until he finally would go (this was only during the immediate potty training stage).  Thank your lucky stars you have one like this.  Sooooo much easier than one who goes every 5 seconds.

  • *** UPDATE ***  After taking Zoey out this morning, and staying about 35 minutes with no poo, Sunni put her back in the crate to eat breakfast.  While Sunni went to change clothes, Zoey finished her breakfast and promptly poo'd in her food bowl!!!!  Sunni said it was perfectly placed!  I tell you, our Zoey is one talented 9 week old Doodle!!!!


    • Well that's a new one! Hopefully she just couldn't hold it anymore and she didn't do it "on purpose".

      I do find with young puppies they really need to go out RIGHT after eating.

    • Not funny, but oh too funny.  Giggled for quite a while at that.  It is lucky they are so adorable and have such charm, isn't it? giggleglgglegiggle

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