OK, second surgery done. had a complication-may speed up decision to retire, but all is good for now . My question is it is a 12 hour drive one way to get pup-do not know sex yet as liter was born 5/24.  I am trying to decide whether to drive or fly. I may have someone to drive with me. One day down, 2 days back. Will that be too much on the puppy and ideas on making it easier?

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  • When we picked up Polly we took Meg with us (she loves to travel) and Meg gave Polly someone to cuddle up to on the way home, so if you have that opportunity(if your friend has a dog that travels) you might consider that, Polly had never been alone and did not want to be alone.  Our trip took all day one way, we spent the night and made the entire trip home the next day.  The biggest thing we did not think of was Polly had never been in a car and got carsick several times on the way home.  We stopped and got some motion sickness tabs at a drugstore and continued on home, we also had to buy some Fabreeze and paper towels to keep the car cleaned up until she was totally empty, but even then it made her drool uncontrollable.  Also we found that most dog walking areas at rest stops were unbelievably dirty, my girls wanted no part of it and I worried about Polly as she had not gotten all her puppy shots yet.  So find shopping malls or nice gas stations with strips of grass to give potty breaks.  Send a towel or something ahead to be used with puppy's litter so it has a 'home' sent for comfort.

  • The trip to pick up my Oliver was only about 2 1/2 hours but I brought my Sasha with us.  I brought a pack of wee pads, towels, anti bacterial wipes.... Oliver puked about 20 seconds after we started moving and threw up until he was empty !!!  The rest of the ride home was OK.  We stopped a couple of times so he could take a potty break.. this was just on the side of the highway.  Good luck with your need puppy....

  • I did a 23 hour round drive which included two hours on a ferry to bring Riley home. I really wanted to fly one way and drive the homeward journey in a hired car but it all fell to pieces when the ferry company told me I would have to have the puppy in my car during the journey. It was a hell of a journey and I did it in secret, alone. Only the folks here on DK knew! I had the breeder get Riley used to the crate and she had a blanket with litter mates scent. I brought sandwiches and big flask of coffee, baby wipes, newspaper and potty pads to put on strange grass and black sacks. He was perfect, didn't cry or get sick once. I stopped lots and cuddled him and put him down on the pads. He had two accidents in the crate but I was prepared for that. We arrived home at 1am to an excited partner who I phoned during the journey to say I had just collected his puppy birthday present. He slept in his crate beside my bed all night and the rest is history...wishing you the best of luck with your new Doodle.

    • Thanks, I already thought about the pads to put on the ground-the thought of rest stop grass grossed me out. I was thinking of asking the vet for a motion sick pill to take with me. Seems like they would have to pee every hour or two. The breeder sends a blanket with liters scent home.  Thanks everyone for the help.

  • I personally think an eight week old puppy is too young to give medication for motion sickness too. I would ask the breeder (as I did) not to feed before you travel and to take some food with you for the long journey home. I remember hand feeding Riley some softened kibble half way home as it was just too long a journey to go without food. Cleaning up vomit isn't the worst thing I can think of...Oh I did bring some rubber gloves with me too.

    • lol, I am an RN and that part doesn't bother me

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