9436329494?profile=RESIZE_400xHi! We are bringing home our pup Sunday! She is our first doggy in a long time so we are trying to make sure we have everything, what are some ideas on your must haves for your pups?  I also have some questions

-her 6 week visit and shots went well, our vet is wanting us to bring her in right when we get her at 8 weeks to do his check and second round of shots. Is this normal? I thought they are usually spaced 3-4 weeks apart.

-at her check in she was 4.5lbs and is a standard. I felt like that seems small and worried me a bit but I've never had a doodle pup. The previous pups all have grown between 50-90 lbs.  does this seem small at that age or about normal? 

i will try to attach some pictures I have gotten of her for opinions on furture coat predictions ☺️

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  • Your vet is spot on with the timing of the shots. It's 2 weeks between them. You also want to bring any new puppy to the vet immediately for an overall check, and that's normally something that's in a breeder's contract, that the puppy be checked over within the first 72 hours. 
    What is your puppy's exact mix? "Standard" doesn't mean much, lol. Standard what? All doodles are different because they are mixes of two or more breeds. The parents' breeds are going to have a lot to do with size. I can tell you that there is Australian Shepherd there without question, because of the coloring. There is no merle gene in Poodles, Labs or  Goldens. 


  • My must haves for a new puppy include:
    2 weeks supply (minimum) of whatever food the breeder is feeding
    Gallons of Nature's Miracle or another good odor neutralizer for accident clean ups
    Two crates; one for night time, in my bedroom, and one in the kitchen/living area
    Puppy chew toys
    Car harness
    A 6 ft leash and a long line for tethering the puppy to you 



  • You are also going to want a variety of toys to see what your puppy gravitates towards but don't go overboard. We just adopted a one year old supposed goldendoodle but since she has Merle coloring (as well as heel nipping and herding traits) we assume she has Australian Shepherd in her background. We are DNAing her because Australian Shepherds can be sensitive to certain medications and preventives. Our girl is VERY tiny. She just had puppies- hence us adopting her from a rescue. One of her puppies at 9 weeks was a bit over 5 pounds. 9438078058?profile=RESIZE_400x

  • 4.5 lbs at 6 weeks seems small for what I consider a "standard".  

    Toby our goldendoodle puppy is a small "Standard" goldendoodle.  He is mostly standard poodle and will top out around 45 pounds I think (he's 10 months old and 35 lbs right now).  When he came home at 8 weeks old he was 9 pounds.

    Riley is an F1 standard bernedoodle and she is 75 lbs fully grown, she came home at 8.5 weeks old and 12 pounds.  

    Toby is very tall and lean like a poodle, Riley is a lot more muscular but also quite tall and lean.  Toby is only a few inches shorter than Riley but will weigh significantly less than her as an adult due to differences in build.

    • It's possible for this pup to gain 3 lbs in 2 weeks...and get to 9 lbs by 8 weeks I imagine...so could be Toby's size.

      • Yes, Toby to me is small for a "standard", I guess technically he is within the range for small standard poodle.  

        I know when Riley came home she was only gaining a pound a week for the first little while then when she was 4+ months old she started gaining 2 lbs a week. 

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