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I will be the new owner of a goldendoodle puppy next month. I am starting to plan and buy things that I will need, but am looking for some advice. I know basic things like leash/collar, dog bowls, some toys, and crate, etc. are must haves right away...  But what were some other things that you suggest having right when the puppy comes home, and what were some things that you suggest waiting to buy (whether it be to get advice from the vet, or just until the puppy gets bigger). For example- I've toyed back and forth about getting a dog bed now vs. later (even though I would immediately go with a large size for him to grow into). Any advice on what you've found are "must haves" vs. "definitely wait" is much appreciated!

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  • I would think a crate pad that fits half the crate for crate training. We keep our crates in our bedroom so when we go to bed, they go to bed. Since we have all tile floors in our living room we do have dog beds on the floor there too..... though ours prefer the leather sofas cuddled up to us. Chew toys for sure.... small Kongs are awesome! A brush... get used to it early. "Go Potty" treats :-) Nail tools of choice.... we dremel. Maybe an x-pen to confine when you have things to do.... like showering.... LOL....Have fun!!

  • A variety of good, safe chew toys like Kongs, durabone nylabones.  Puppy-safe training treats like PureBites chicken (they're just chicken breast).  

    If you are away for hours at work a nice safe area like an exercise pen or a gated-off area of a small tiled/laminate floor room is ideal.  For times when we are away at work we have a gated-off area and just give Riley a big beach towel to sleep on - actual beds are a bad idea in my opinion since the dog can shred them and eat the stuffing.  Towels are a lot harder for them to get large pieces off of.

  • Nature's Miracle or another good odor neutralizer is essential for housebreaking. Brushes and combs are also a good idea, because ideally, you want to get a doodle puppy used to being groomed from day one. You can get tips on which ones to ghet in the Grooming Group. :) 

    • I really would begin with an inexpensive brush. Different coats really call for different brushes. Once you see what the coat is developing to be, then you need to spend the bucks on high quality brushes that work for that specific coat.

      Guess I am cheap - begin with a cheap brush.... :-}   I also recommend not over=doing the toys - I'd choose a representative of different TYPES of toys to see what the puppy likes.  Stuffy, puppy Kong, Puppy Nylabone, chewy rubber.

  • Oh Yay!  A puppy. I love everything about puppies.   I would recommend a harness to use on them as opposed to a collar around their neck. Puppies are still so jerky and with a collar around their neck, if they pull too hard, they can damage their airway.  I also am a big fan of playpens like a gated in circle. you can put their toys and bed in there,  They can still be part of the house but contained.  I kept Jack in that while I was trying to get chores done...  I also am a big proponet of socializing your puppy.  So road trips.  I literally sat outside Walmart with Jack and let people pet him as they went in and out of the store.  I exposed him to a lot of loud noises, we went out to play in the thunderstorms so he wouldn't fear the noise.  I also like human grade feeding bowls. The ones that come from the store are usually not recommended for human use which means they have some kind of crap on them that will harm the dog.  I use clay bowls for my guy.  Lots of urine clean up spray and lots of chew toys.   

  • Oh my gosh... most important thing MUST HAVE.  Pet Insurance.   

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