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We are getting our labradoodle girl on Saturday and I keep feeling that I am missing something, something I didn't buy, something I didn't research, something I didn't understand... You get a picture!

So is it something you wish someone told you/remind you when you started your doodle journey?

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Wow! Bonnie was busy today :-) 

Good luck with new your Doodle addition. I have 2 Doodles - 1 from a breeder as a puppy and one recused last year at 5 years old.   I agree with everyone's comments but the one thing I wasn't prepared for was how smart and manipulative (in a good way) these Doodles can be.  I had golden retrievers before but nothing prepared me for how this little bundle of fluff could figure out things like climbing a baby gate with his toes, countersurfing when he was big enough.  I guess in a nutshell don't underestimate your puppy's ability to think and act on things and if bored will find something in the house to entertainment themselves.  My puppy ate drywall - that was already on the wall, helped himself to a pan of rice crispy bars on the counter, etc.  I never had a dog that even thought of the things my Doodle did, let alone did them.  But by age 3 he is know the best behaved dog in the pack.

Keep their space in the house confined.  Too much space confuses them and they relieve themselves frequently..After playing take her to eliminate immediately.  Rugs encourage eliminating..for some reason they always throw up on the her but discipline her consistently..and gentle handling..she is a baby.  

Enjoy her and any questions or doubts ask DK. and please no doggie parks until all shots are received!

I ended up gating kitchen/family room area. Removed rug and now its all hardwood floor. I took her out as soon as we got home and she did nothing :-( As soon as she got inside while I was carrying things from car kids yelled:"Mommy she pooped!" :-) I put poop outside where I want to be her potty spot. She didn't' eat or drink at first, ate a little, took a nap and after second potty in 10F attempt went, after I cleaned as much snow as I could :-) 

So far seems happy and excited to play with kids. Hopefully they will tire her enough so she will let me sleep at least a bit. 

Wish me luck for tonight :-)

i got Bonnie up at night at 2am for the first 2 weeks....thankfully it is summer down here! Then New Years night she went out at 12:30 before we went to bed, and woke at 5:30. We worked it back and we are now going 10:30-11pm through to 5:30 am.

Soon I shall move forward gradually to 6am when I normally get up anyway. Then back to 10pm in the evening and we will be sorted!

It really helps with potty training if you can take her out at night ......but snow......

Good luck for tonight.
You are off to a good start. All is great advice.

One last piece of advice, while you are potty training, keeping area restricted or tethering her to you, being consistent, teaching sit as her first command, etc. Remember to enjoy her enormously laugh at her crazy zoomies Ian's puppy antics. Play with her ion small bits frequently and have fun. Enjoy her puppies, most people only get to raise a few puppies

Oh, the other thing that I forgot to mention.... Nature's Miracle- a Quart of it AND a Gallon. You don't want to run out of that stuff!!

For pee on carpet: Cover the pee with a bunch of paper towels and newspaper, stand on it, and the remove. Then saturate with Nature's Miracle, let sit for several minutes and then repeat the paper towel/newspaper/stand ritual. Repeat if necessary. The newspaper really helps draw it out of the carpet, and you don't have to do any scrubbing. Works like a charm! 



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