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We are getting our labradoodle girl on Saturday and I keep feeling that I am missing something, something I didn't buy, something I didn't research, something I didn't understand... You get a picture!

So is it something you wish someone told you/remind you when you started your doodle journey?

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Here she is at 5 weeks :-)

oh, so cute! Love the picture--that is a talented breeder!!

What a cutie!

One thing I didn't realize is how fast they grow--Ruby is 10 pounds now and snuggly dog, but her back half keeps falling off my lap. Not a problem, just a fact. Also, I didn't know how many poop bags we would need a day [a lot!].


So, here is a tip I tell people when they come to get their puppy--and a lot of people do it--for $35 you can save yourself time and aggravation--go to Home depot or someplace like it and get a cheap roll of pre-cut vinyl flooring. Put it down where the pup will be gated or in an X-pen--it will make all those accidents a breeze to clean up.

Also, when the pup does have an accident, use paper towels to clean it and then take those towels outside with the pup when they go out again to introduce the scent to the potty area--scent is what they go by. Use vinegar and water 1:1 to clean up accidents in the house.

Good luck and enjoy the pup! It is fun to take a picture on each month "birthday" with the same stuffed animal and see how fast the puppy grows!!

Thank you for the tips! Good points!

I can't even imagine how big she is based on her weight of 7.5 lbs at 8 weeks :-) 

GROOMING!!!   We were told that we would need to brush Ned a couple of times a week - problem: MY frame of reference was brushing my Springer Spaniel's ears and feathers a couple of times a week (a 1 minute job).  Ned takes 40 - 60 minute brushing sessions and even then it doesn't always do the complete job.  And, when he was in the matting phase (which for him lasted until he was 2 1/2) we were brushing him daily to every other day.  He has a very high maintenance coat.

She is precious.  What a darling picture!  What will her name be?

We didn't decide on a name yet! I think it's harder than naming kids :-) We liked Bella, but apparently it's #1 name of 2014 :-) 

As grooming goes, I hope not to be overwhelmed. I used to have a poodle in my teen-young adult years, as far as I remember it was a lot of work :-)  I used to groom her myself, I will see how it goes. Worse come to worse will be taking her to a groomer.

Take lots of pictures/videos! They change so so so so quickly!

VERY cute and her scarf is adorable!! 

Persistence, persistence, persistence. With everything- the potty training, the nipping/biting, the being Being A Totally Obnoxious Pup. And, right when you feel like you are going to lose your mind, it all gets better! And the persistence pays off. And you still have your mind. It's a miracle! :-) 

She is absolutely adorable!  I tell all new puppy owners to GET PET INSURANCE...immediately.  If you wait you could be opening yourself up for the dog to get sick with something and then it would be a "pre-existing condition" and would not be covered by insurance. 

Boy, do I second Jane's insurance suggestion!



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