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Thank you for adding me. This is a great website with fantastic resources!  I just don’t know what questions to ask yet!  I have been reading already, trying to prepare!

My wife and I are soon to be New Doodle Moms!  We have adopted Zoey!  She is almost 3 weeks old, and a black doodle.  Her Mom, Oakley, is a beautiful chocolate lab and her Dad, Riley, is a handsome standard apricot poodle.  Our gotcha day is April 27th.  We are so excited!

We met her on St. Pat’s Day and she slept the entire time!  We’ll take our Brittany/Lab mix, AJA to meet her when she’s ready to come home.

Thanks for reading!


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Welcome and congratulations! Such an exciting time! Zoey is adorable!

Thank you!

Congratulations! She looks adorable. Don't worry about not knowing the questions. You'll find them all when she comes home! Every time I think I know at least a few things I think of more questions!

Tht what I’m thinking, too!  So glad to have the combined knowledge and experience of everyone here!

Welcome and congratulations!


Welcome!  I also have a Zoey!  Also, I have always had a special love for black doodles.  She's precious.  

Barbara, your Zoey is beautiful!  Thanks for the welcome!

Congratulations.  She is such a cute little thing. Zoey is a lovely name for her.

Thank you!  We can’t wait to bring her home!

***** Updated Photo*****

Precious and so tiny!



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