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Ignore and delete messages & comments  from this spammer "Ahuva Baginski":;

I've already reported her to Adina.

Here's the comment she left me: 

At 6:55am on August 11, 2018, Ahuva Baginski said…

Greeting to you my beloved one, I'm monica borwn Benedicte.a United State army general from the United States of America i have something to tell you just just contact me with my email

"Monica Brown" or "monica borwn Benedicte", which is it, Ahuva?

You're a general in the "United State army" and you're in Jerusalem? 

I hear the weather is great there.

Just a tip, most people feel uncomfortable when strangers call them "my beloved one". 

Don't you wish these people would put their time and talents to good use, i.e. some honest endeavor?

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As a joke on my birthday my co workers gave me a profile on a dating webiste.  I have been married a bajillion years, the last thing I need is another guy in my life. Anyway 10 years and a new address in a new state later, and I am still getting junk mail from them. My husband laughs about it now, he didn't used to. I have tried to stop it, but since they think of me as a client, it never stops. I am way too cynical to fall for Ahuva's bs.  

So glad the joke wasn't on me, but it is hilarious!



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