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Hello everyone! I'm a new owner of a 11 week old Goldendoodle puppy named, Django.  I got him when he was 8 weeks old! I found this group when searching online why my puppy was turning colors.  I locatedl a thread from this blog that answered a lot of questions for me!  Glad to be here!3661150615?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • Cutie. 

    Is that a different hair colour on his face or is he losing hair?  

    In any case I'd take puppy to the vet if you haven't already, sudden changes like that could indicate some kind of problem.  

    Welcome to DK!

    • Yes I have taken him to the vet! They seemed to not be alarmed by it and told me his poodle genes were starting to dominate. And he didn't have a lot of hair on his face when I got him at 8 weeks. Now it's starting to grow in white!


  • He is precious.  I love his heart shaped nose!  


    • I know! So glad you noticed that! Thank you so much!

  • From a distance, the location of his "color change" looks like a normal color fade.  Chocolates often fade to cafe or parchment or something like that.  Silvers start off black but have a lighter developing color around the face.  

    But now that I'm looking at this up close, it looks more like hair loss.  But it's hard to tell.  I don't think reds typically fade in this way.  I wouldn't expect this in a first generation goldendoodle (golden x poodle).  What generation goldendoodle is he?

    • Hey thank you for the info!  I don't think he's first generation doodle. I got him from a friend's friend.  So didn't get a whole lot of info. Will a DNA test be able to tell what generation Goldendoodle he is? He's not losing hair, he's actually getting a lot more in and it's all white! I was freaked out about this too at first, that's when I found this blog and someone posted photos of their doodle changing from red to white, then their doodle started even darker. I'll include a link to they post...

      What's going on with my goldendoodles coat and color?
      I am a first time goldendoodle owner and I'm curious if this is normal?My little guy Brody is 5 months old and I love him like crazy! He was a dark a…
      • Okay well that's a relief.  If it's not hair loss then your pup probably just has a fading gene and he'll gradually get lighter all over.  No a DNA test won't tell you what generation he was.  It will tell you what breeds are in his mix, but that's all. 

        • Thank you so much for the concern, honestly! I really appreciate it! Thanks for so the info as well. I do plan on getting him a DNA test for him in the future, just for curiosity.

  • Welcome !!! This place is a great resource.  I found it a while after I got Teddy (at 7 weeks) but it's a very good group of people and the Mods and contributors do a great job.  Congreat on Djanko !!

    • Hey thank you for the welcome! I really like this group and happy to be here!

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