Nilla is 14 weeks

I think it is safe to say that she is flat coated at this point.  She has grown so much in the past few weeks!  I mean like she has doubled in size but also is so much less nippy and really such a great pup!  We had a trainer come and help us at week 10 and then again at week 13 and it was incredibly helpful for all of us.  My son now adores her and we are about to let her have a lot more lay of the land here (she was gated more in the kitchen and yard).  Just wanted to give an update...especially her coat and I was not sure what was going to happen. I have to say that there is a purebred golden retriever puppy across the street that looks 100% golden.  Nilla has something different about her for sure but I am 99% sure that she will nto have furnishings.  Oh and she is a crazy super shedder but, we just love her to we don't care. Here is a picture with her and her Doodle best friend.  3960300371?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • Nilla is adorable. You're right, she is flat coated and will not have furnishings. But she has a very distinctive look, and it sounds like her temperament is wonderful. 

  • She is just adorable! One of our doodles is a pretty heavy shedder.  You get used to it. :-}

  • She is super cute!

    The great thing we loved about having a flat coated doodle was the grooming.  Luna never needed to be brushed other than using a furminator to rake out her undercoat.  

    After having Luna somehow the shedding doesn't really matter anymore.  It is quite a bit though and if you live in an area with distinctive Spring/Fall she may shed even more at those times, Luna did.

    Enjoy her!

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