Nilla is home!

She came home yesterday and it was a VERY busy and fun night.  Looked at her vet records and she isn't 11 weeks...she is 8 weeks!  There were two different litters and I think when we were there we all thought she was the older one.  

She is very playful and very vocal!  She definitely doesn't like ot be left alone.  We have her gated in our kitchen but when one or all of us goes to the living room she starts barking.  

She is already sitting for treats and coming when I call her.

She had a few accidents in the house but also used the yard set up multiple times.

She stayed in her crate from about 9-5 but did whine every 2 hours.  She peed at 11 and then again at 3 but not at 1.  When I put her back in the crate she whined for a minute or so but then allw as quite again.  

So a few questions...

1.  How long when she starts whining at night do I go to her.  I went basically right away to let her out, but wondering if I should be waiting some time to see if she settles first?  We are in an apartment in NYC (with a backyard) but I don't want to let her get too loud as we have people in the building that will probably hear her.

2.  What can I/should I do about the barking when we leave the room?  I think today I was going to try to do the walk away and come right back to reward her and then increase the time.  

3.  Lastly, she will be crated while we are at work with a few visits throughtout the day.  I am assuming that I should wait to start this and to try to crate her this weekend around the times that she would be crated?  

We are so excited.  My son (10 year old with some sensory issues) is definitely a little nervous with her puppy nipping but I think in some time he will adjust.  

Oh and I see zero furnishings and very little curl to her in person so I am guessing she will be a flat coated doodle looking more like a GR3825341907?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • Congratulations!! She has a very sweet face. As she looks now, I think she will look more like a retriever with a shedding coat, but one never knows for sure until they get a big older.

    • Thanks.  She is definitely shedding!

  • What a sweet face. As far as barking when you leave the room, I've always tried to capture those moments when they're quiet and reward! Either let her out, or treats. No one in this house gets out of their crate until they're quiet. I don't want them to think that barking is the key to getting out.

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