I'll apologize in advance for a Sunday morning rant, but this is bothering me.  There is a certain puppy broker who keeps plastering ads of adorable doodle puppies on DK and on my FB page. This broker has numerous complaints against them and, in fact, this is not their original name.   I've tried to delete the ad and have it removed permanently several times but it keeps coming back.  I think we've had the discussion before that DK cannot control the ads on its site but this ad seems particularly predatory and misleading. Sure it's a target rich environment for them but misleading, especially for new members coming on to the site searching for a puppy. Members here work so hard to educate prospective puppy buyers to work with good reputable breeders or rescue. Ugh! Buyer beware. 

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  • Thanks for the warning, Cheryl, hopefully people will ask questions and do their research before falling prey to these despicable puppy mill brokers. 

  • I find the ads that appear usually relate to something i have looked at. Right now there is one about rain slickers which I looked up the other day. But puppy brokers, ugh!

    • Same for me. Right now, I have an ad for New Balance sneakers, which I was looking for on-line last night.

      Cheryl, have you been looking at puppy pictures, lol? 

  • LOl I did check out their site and then googled for  complaints BUT that was WEEKS after it kept appearing on my DK pages. Maybe they think I want a puppy :(  Maybe they know something I don't know!!! But now I can't get rid of them. Maybe they are Russian puppy brokers lol  Does anyone have Zuckerberg's personal email?  JK :(

    • But have you been looking at puppies elsewhere, on other sites? That's all it takes. :)

  • I have no puppies, right hand or otherwise. I have a Zulily ad on the right (which is weird because i've never looked at their site or purchased anything from them) and a Macy's ad up next to your original post. (I ordered from Macy's a couple of days ago.) 

    But at the very bottom of the page, there is now an ad for Newfiedoodles (Newfypoo)- "awesome family pets"- "Newfiedoodles (aka Newfypoos) are hypoallergenic gentle giants; great with kids" 
    Your typical broker BS, and it was probably generated by this discussion, lol. They don;t miss a trick.

    • I logged out after posting the above, and my ads are now for J Jill (my favorite) at the bottom of the page and New Balance shoes everywhere else. No puppies, breeders or brokers.

      • funny.  I've now got AAA auto insur, Shein replaced Zulily and across the bottom of the page men's jockey underwear that states "Love it or your're 1st pair on us"

  • I am getting wigs and insurance ads. LOL Do they know something about my hair that I don't know?

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