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I'll apologize in advance for a Sunday morning rant, but this is bothering me.  There is a certain puppy broker who keeps plastering ads of adorable doodle puppies on DK and on my FB page. This broker has numerous complaints against them and, in fact, this is not their original name.   I've tried to delete the ad and have it removed permanently several times but it keeps coming back.  I think we've had the discussion before that DK cannot control the ads on its site but this ad seems particularly predatory and misleading. Sure it's a target rich environment for them but misleading, especially for new members coming on to the site searching for a puppy. Members here work so hard to educate prospective puppy buyers to work with good reputable breeders or rescue. Ugh! Buyer beware. 

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I have been seeing the puppy broker ad for the past few weeks, probably because since my silky terrier died a few months ago, I periodically check Pet Finders for small poodle mixes to provide another companion for Belle (and for me). Fortunately I am aware of the reputation of these brokers, and am determined to rescue this time anyway, so I ignore the ads, but I was worried about new DKers who might not know about them.  I'm glad to see this thread.

PS, I am also seeing ads for online photography courses. Could this be because I have been lurking along with your photography lesson thread?  Thanks for that, by the way.  

I'm so sorry for your loss, Andrea. Rest in peace, Honey. 

I'm sorry for your loss.

I would report it to Adina (see report issues) if you haven't already.  She may be able to do something about it as it is offensive.  Perhaps she will let you at least name the broker and identify them as such if you do it without bias (:-})  I don't seem to be getting that particular ad on here.

Thanks for the input Nancy.  You may have seen from my comment above that within a day of starting this discussion I got an unsolicited  pop up from Google Ads asking me if I wanted the offending ad removed!!! Talking to my MAC I said, "I've tried to remove it twice!" but I clicked a third time.  Now leaving aside how big brotherish that is, at least the ad is gone.  Now I've got a "Don't Get Hacked" Webfoot Security" ad. This is a funny world.  I'll still let Adina know too because others may be getting it.

Send me a screenshot for any inappropriate ad on DK.  I CAN remove ads, but I don't know they are shown unless someone tells me :-)

Thanks Adina!  Good to know!! I will remember this in the future and let you know right away.  For now the ad seems to be gone but others may be getting it. 

I've got adds for hotel rooms and Academy sports. I've never bought anything. From Academy or looked at their site....but my DH may have.



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