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We got our new puppy Levi- 12 weeks old last week and he is the best puppy for our family. He is a mini Goldendoodle and doesn’t look as doodled out  as his siblings...although the breeder assured me he will “doodle” out... thoughts? I have attached a few photos....

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One more pic of Levi from 3 weeks ago- the others are current

Levi is very cute, but I don't think he is going to "doodle out". It looks like he has an open face, which means an absence of furnishings, and a flat coat; I don't see the slightest curl or any feathering around his legs or tail. 

He looks very sweet. I hope your family is enjoying him. 

He definitely looks open-faced (flat coated) and I would expect him to look like a retriever as an adult.  He is a cutie :)

Our Luna was a flat coated doodle, the good news is grooming was easy :)

I have no idea if he will doodle out, but I am beyond happy with my f1b and her non doodly look.  As a matter of fact I prefer it :)
He is just precious!

Best of luck,

When I saw him I was thinking he reminds me of Nala :p

That’s funny because when I joined this community and saw Luna, she reminded me of Nala.  There was one picture of Luna laying down that really looked like Nala.  I haven’t posted any recents pictures of her on my page because they get distorted.
Here is Miss Nala now :)



So cute :) her little face does look a lot like Luna's did.  I wonder if Nala will grey around the brows/mouth like Luna too.



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