Has anyone used these or know anything about them? Just made a visit to the pet store, they assured me this is not rawhide and is a completely safe chew, just wondered if anyone has used this or would know if it would be safe? We don't give Toby rawhide, but it looks like rawhide, so any input would be welcome.

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  • We've purchased these for Teddy- I've tried the beef and chicken. He LOVES them. We also got them from a more 'boutique' pet store in lieu of the traditional raw hide. We usually allow him to get through one in 2 sittings- though he would gladly eat the whole thing all at once. It takes him about an hour at each sitting to get through half. No seeming ill effects- though his stool is maybe a little softer and lighter than usual. He also has a VERY sensitive tummy!

    • Thanks, Nicole. I also worry about breaking teeth, Toby does not knaw , he bites, so do you think this would be a good choice?

  • These are safe, and in fact, after looking at the company, I'm going to add them to our recommended list. :)

    All of their ingredients are locally sourced and human grade.

    However, these chews do contain grain, in the form of brown rice, so they would probably not be a good choice for dogs on a grain free diet. 

    • I haven't seen these before, if my locals don't carry it I will get it off Amazon or someone sponsoring this website, thanks !

      Someone gave Teddy some rawhide treat present at Christmas and I've been afraid to give it to him.  I use Bully Sticks and Smartbones when I need him to chew/eat something that will give me time to finish my dinner/late-night snack/coffee & Twinkie.  LOL

  • Just learned that this is the company that makes Stella & Chewy's, so they are already on our recommended list, lol. :) 

    • Oh, those are great....very soft and flaky....I sometimes add them to Teddy's dinner bowl to get him to eat.

    • Good to know, thanks, Karen!  We go to a private owned pet store, about 45 minutes away, which is like a "boutique" type store. They carry things that the PetSmarts and Petco's don't carry. And carry more of the higher quality foods and treats. For us, it's worth the drive. Every time we go I am always looking around the store for something new that may be safe for Toby.  I am now glad we went today.

  • Thank you all for the replies, I just wanted to see what others thought of this, our local pet store just got these in, and I wanted to be sure it was safe. Thanks again, Toby is wimpering like crazy wanting this chew but I wanted to see what you all thought before I gave it to him.

  • One thing that concerns me of late:  Teddy has been swallowing his chew foods (Bully Sticks and elongated Smartbones and even the knobby smaller Smartbones) and he's spit it up a few times.  This was very noticeable with the 4" Bully Stick which looked almost untouched after he threw it up.  I thought he had finished a few chew items very quickly the last few weeks, the throwing up of hardly-digested stuff confirmed it.   I don't like this scarfing down whole things especially long sticks.

    Question:  If he doesn't outgrow this, should I buy MUCH BIGGER chew toys that he can't physically gulp down, letting him work on them over a few days/nights rather than 1 small chew every day or every other day ?  I did buy a 7" Bully Stick months ago and as I recall it lasted like 5 or 6 days or so and at least the first few days I don't have to worry about him swallowing the thing whole.

    • Some of the No-Hide chews they had were quite a bit smaller and that also concerned me, I was afraid he could swallow one of them, so we opted for this long one.

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