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Need some suggestions please. Just moved to a condo without a yard so Oliver now has to "go" on a lead. He is okay for peeing on the tree in the back, but I cannot get him to poop.  His day care lady says he goes for her on lead. ANY IDEAS??

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I do think he will go eventually but he may need a bit of a walk to get things going. Luca will almost invariably poop on a walk if he hasn't just gone in the yard but it doesn't happen until we've gone a way.

I agree, he needs to be taken for a real walk and not just taken out for a "potty" run. 

I forgot to tell everyone, I am handicapped and have to use a cane so walking more than 20 feet etc is quite painful. I think the he would do much better if he walked further.

Judy, is it possible for you to hire a dog walker, or do you have a neighbor or friend who could walk him regularly, maybe a high school or college student in your neighborhood? 


I'm sorry, I don't understand.

He will definitely learn to poop on lead.  We live in a condo and the dogs either poop in the little "dog park" at the condo or on our walks.  They'll both just stop and poop right on the street or sidewalk....they're not at all fussy.  I'd definitely praise and maybe even treat the first few times so he understands this is a "good thing".

Scheduled feedings then out for a walk. A new routine just needs to be establish. Exercise works!

We had the opposite.  We always lived in a house but until last year, we hadn't put a fence in, so since Brinkley was a puppy he got two walks a day (1 in the morning and 1 at night) to allow him the opportunity to poop.  Two "poop-walks" per day is what he got used to since he was 11 weeks old so even though we have a fenced in yard now, he'll only go #2 if he gets his poop walk.  I just build it into my schedule.  Plus I like that he's getting exercise twice a day and gets tired before I leave for work.  It's rare he doesn't go when we are on our walks so at least I've got him on a schedule.

That's the case with JD, too. For whatever reason, he almost never poops in the yard, but always on his walks. 

My parents said all of their dogs were just the opposite so they think it's funny that he demands 2 walks a day.  Brinkley will let out this certain pitch of a whine to let me know it's time to go if I'm running a little late on the walk schedule.  My dad always says, "if he knows he needs to go, why doesn't he just go outside in the huge yard and go!"  That's my Brinkley for you!

Salvador is 5 months now, and probably since mid-May, 1-2 walks a day have been built into our schedule and his pooping habits changed a lot!  He used to poop in a designated area of the yard, and now very rarely will he go there, but he will ALWAYS go on our walks or when we have play time in another area (the park, down a trail, at the high school football field). 



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