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Need some suggestions please. Just moved to a condo without a yard so Oliver now has to "go" on a lead. He is okay for peeing on the tree in the back, but I cannot get him to poop.  His day care lady says he goes for her on lead. ANY IDEAS??

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Teddy prefers his privacy to go "potty", and he'll go a lot faster if he's off leash. We'll walk him to an area where it's safe to be off leash and let him have his privacy and then put him back on the leash to clean up and finish the walk. If there's an area near your home where you could let him have a bit more space, even on a long line, maybe he would be more comfortable. Or even just in a small grassy area where you can let his leash dangle he might just want to get to the very corner of the area to find the perfect spot! Teddy absolutely will not poop on concrete, the street or a bush, it has to be grass, lol!

You know, that might work for Ollie. He's goofy that way too. Thanks so much to everyone with their great ideas!!!

that's so funny!  he wants that "bathroom" door shut and his privacy!  can't blame him!  how many humans do you know that can't "go" unless they are home!  



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