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Normally I don't post medical issues in the main forum but... All healed (4/19/2016)

Our Boomer had to have his right eye removed due to a tumor.  It may have been able to have been diagnosed earlier.

The signs that were missed are redness in the white of eye. Early sign of tumor. This was evident about 9 months ago.  Our prior vet dismissed it as normal.  It may have been but in retrospect I would have like it to have been looked at more thoroughly.  Although outcome probably would not have been any different, he would not have been in discomfort.

This is a link to the discussion in the Medical Group:

1/22/16 Update:  The tumor was much bigger than anticipated causing surgery to be more extensive.  Yesterday we got biopsy results, unfortunately it was malignant.  We are hoping to see an oncologist today.

1/22/16 Oncologist appt:  We saw the oncologist.  He took a chest xray and took samples from the lymph nodes for biopsy.  The chest xray was clear and we have to wait until early next week for the biopsy results.  If lymph nodes are clear the recommendation is to start on a treatment using the Oncept vaccination.  The idea is the immune system is "ramped up" to attack any cancer cells in the body.  It is very expensive and requires boosters every 6 months.  Unfortunately there is little information about this therapy as it is relatively new.  All the information is related to oral tumors.  Malignant eye tumors are very rare, so there is little information available.

We will make our treatment decisions this weekend.

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Boomer is doing well - never pawed at surgery site.

He is done with his initial vaccine protocol - now every 6 months.

So happy to hear that he's doing well.

I'm so glad sweet Boomer is doing well! Thanks for updating us. 

I am so glad to hear that Boomer is doing well. What a sweet boy.

I'm so glad to hear he's doing well!

So happy to hear he is doing well and he is absolutely as cute as ever!!! Thanks for the update.



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