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I recieved a phone call the other day from this guy looking for a doodle, I didn't really think much of it at the time because I was busy doing other things, till I found this email in my Spam folder, not sure if I would trust this person, they maybe looking for Skip's dogs or any doodle dogs for research and would hate to see any of them wind up there.

golden doodle
AddMonday, July 6, 2009 3:52:44

I was interested to learn if there are golden doodle puppies available that you may know of

Thanks much
Gil Lederman

Radio surgery america is a cosmetic surgery place...not sure one way or the other, but does anyone know if they use dogs in their cosmetic testing....Why I am posting this email I recieved and had a phone call asking to adopt a Doodle pup, when I asked this guy why he wanted a pup, the answer's I recieved were bizarre

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Trust your gut instinct then. You don't have to sell anyone anything.

I have gotten some strange ones too. Usually, it is a relay call where they say they are deaf and the operator relays the message. They want to have a courier pick it up and then pay. As soon as I tell them I have to meet them in person and the terms are cash or Paypal, they hang up. Has anyone gotten those calls?

The bottom line for me is that the puppy is still mine. I can hang on to it forever if I don't find the right home. If they stay longer, the new owner gets the benefit of the puppy starting crate training and potty training.
I'm glad I'm not selling anything at this point, and I always check out everyone whom I have sold to in the past throughly, and because of that I have never had a "Rehome" or "Shelter" dog from puppies I have produced. I also go back yearly and see them, or owners keep in touch and bring their pup's back to see me. I'ts the greatest feeling in the world to see something this beautiful and know you brought this about because you honestly care enough. I just honestly did not give this a 2nd thought till I checked my Spam email last night..and normally I never check One other thing he did ask me was why the Kennel in Emmaus was shut down and where are those pups. I told him he should contact Skip and ask him, because I was begining to think this was some kind of prank. It really caught me off guard. And I also wonder if this turkey isn't involved with Skip in some way?
thanks for sharing!! will keep his name in mind.
Dr.Gil Lederman is quite notorious. it's at least a 'real' person. I hear stories of odd emails requesting doodles from breeders now and then...but I wonder why he'd contact someone in a completely other state for a doodle.
Uuuuh, this sounds bad....
Well I dont know anything about this person and that is the reason why i posted this...Thank you Karen for informing me and glad I followed my heart. I posted on Craig's list for the Romp and he said that is how he got my phone number. I honestly did not think twice about his conversation being weird until I asked him why he wanted a Doodle, at first it was like he stalled and couldn't answer me and changed the subject with another question. This happened twice with questions I posed to him, and I did not feel right talking with him either. He told me he was from N.Y. and it was like why are you calling Me? He also said he knew a lot about doodles, and they are "NON SHEDDING"...right there I knew he didn't know doodles. But given the benifit of the doubt...he asked who he needed to contact to get a doodle. I did tell him there are two Doodle rescues sites he could check out on line, SO...normally I do not check my SPAM mail and why I did last night...I don't know...but there it was in front of me and again the email really did not set right with me, so now concerns are for the RESCUES that they are not BSed into adopting a puppy to someone like this or posing to be a great family. I also feel this person is cloaking on the websites....
Wow! Why would he contact you? You dont sell doodles? I have to read this article more in depth. I only had time to scan it right now. This is odd. I will BBL.



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