I am not receiving notifications about new discussions.  I am receiving e-mail of random comments in discussions - J's and Karen's but no one else's in new and old discussions.  I've played with my settings but nothing seems to change.

I also wondered if we can still send a message to an entire group. I used to send a reminder to the Southern California members about an upcoming romp but I don't see that as an option any longer.

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  • New format is awful. :(

  • Nancy, you should be able to send messages to the group now, I just changed the settings...I think.  

    • Thanks!

      • Let me know if it worked.

        • It did.  Thank you.  This new format is not user friendly on a phone, tablet or computer.  I think participation has decreased even more since it began.  I guess we are just old dinosaurs. Maybe it works for Twitter or Instagram which I wouldn't know.

          • I agree.

          • Nah, I'm pretty computer savvy and it is not a great format (sorry, Adina.) I agree participation is down. No new posts even in the food group, which was always pretty active. There are some better forum platforms out there, I'm a member of a couple through create a forum which is pretty user friendly, but you probably can't import decades worth of conversations into it. Even poodleforum recently got a makeover and it feels more user friendly. I don't mean to be a debbie downer, but there are some real new forum problems.

            • I can't even remember the last time anyone posted in The Food Group. 
              It makes me so sad. 

              • I could always ask you if some random food I saw on facebook is any good ;)


                • I guess I'll have to just delete the Comments section, there is no point to it if I can't reply because I can't get notifications. :(

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