Now Accepting 2020 Doodle Calendar Photos

Please read these instructions thoroughly before submitting photos. 


1) Read the guidelines for photos -- reading this will help you know what types of photos we accept. VERY important.

2) You will need to email **each** photo as a separate attachment. Send ONLY ONE photo PER EMAIL--I know this is tedious, but it helps tremendously in sorting photos if you only send ONE photo per email. So if you have 1 photo to submit then you send me one email. If you have 5 photos, you send 5 separate emails.

3) You may submit up to 5 photos PER doodle that belongs to you with a max limit of 10 submissions per member.

4) ONLY HORIZONTAL PHOTOS.3501117947?profile=RESIZE_710x

5) In your email include the following info:

  • TYPE of doodle you have that is in the photo (labradoodle or goldendoodle or whatadoodle*)
  • The name(s) of the doodle(s) in the photo.
  • The location of the photo (city/state/country)
  • The name of your DK Profile to prove you are a member of this site as this is ONLY open to members.
  • IF ANY of your photos are professionally taken you must confirm that you have rights to use said photo(s) in a calendar that will be sold as well as throughout DK social media and or in advertising. Also if the photographer wants a copyright notice with the photo then please let me know that information. DO NOT submit photos with a logo on them--ask your photographer to give you a photo with no logo first.
  • IF YOU would like credit for your photo, let me know what name you want credited and decide this before you submit your photo.  Credits will not be added later.

6) Send photos by email to: --
 be sure that your email account does not shrink or resize photos. Sometimes only teeny tiny photos get through and I can't use teeny tiny photos. See the link for our photo requirements above to know what size photos we accept.

By submitting your photo to the email above you give us permission to use said photo in any DK social media or advertising.

Deadline for Submissions: September 20th, 2019--no late entries accepted.  Please bookmark this discussion or click "Follow" at the bottom of the thread to say up-to-date on any changes which DK Admin reserve the right to make at any time. It will be your responsibility to keep informed on this by reading through the responses to this discussion because these may contain clarification and additional tips. 

Selection of final calendar photos will be done by DK Admin and is subject to our best judgment. Final selections usually don't happen until late October--days before the calendar is complete and announced for sale--I cannot answer your questions about your photo until then.  We will update on Facebook and in this discussion.


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  • 3447544311?profile=RESIZE_930xCharlie mini labradoodle cleveland ohio
    • Lisa, You need to read the instructions posted. You don't submit here. This is also a vertical photo and those are not accepted.

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  • 3538572142?profile=RESIZE_930xCharlie


    cleveland oh

    lisa sigmund

  • I accidently may have linked to last year's photo announcement in today's email.  Please note this is the correct anouncement!  

  • So exciting! I'll be sending in some photos of Lula Mae today. This one doesn't qualify, since it's portrait style, but I love it :-)3549798946?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • She's very pretty!  Thanks for catching the vertical vs. horizontal distinction. 

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