• Nu-Vet is marketed and sold through the same company that sells Life's Abundance pet food. Both are sold through Multi-level Marketing or MLM, otherwise known as a pyramid scheme. We have talked about this many times in The Food Group here. The breeders get commissions when you buy these products, which is why they recommend them. There are many, many tiers of commissions paid, like all pyramid schemes. The products themselves are made by a third party, and there is no transparency as to sourcing. The food and the vitamins are just average, mediocre food and vitamins like any other, and you are paying high prices to cover all those commissions. 
    NO puppy or young dog who is eating a decent food, one which meets all of the AAFCO nutritional requirements, needs to be taking any kind of vitamins. And if you have a dog who does need to take vitamins for some health issue, there are better quality vitamins available at lower prices. Your vet should be the one who recommends nutritional supplements if and when they are needed. 

    • Thanks. We won't order them  based on this info.

  • Waste of time if you feed your dog a quality kibble which I know you plan to do.

    • Sounds good. We will not be getting  Nu-Vet. We can focus those resources on other items.

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